Happy 牛 (Niu) Year!

So, wish everyone reading this blog HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Long time didnt update my blog, cos i need to work before CNY and need to celebrate at CNY.
Three days already i sleep @ 2am and wake up @ 9am!
Later will blog about it with some pictures.

Today just going to share a link to an article.
Do you DOWNLOAD movies from internet?
Do you know aXXo?
Do you use bittorrent to download stuff?

You should read this.
This is all about aXXo.
The most popular group (or guy) releasing HIGH QUALITY DVDRIP movies over bit torrent.

Very nice article, although a bit long.

Here is the link.

Very tired now… want to sleep liao.
Blog more about my work, CNY later…
Happy 牛。。。 year!


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  1. Jia En Grace January 31, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    hey…Happy chinese New Year…
    U seems busy at TF Value Mart…
    happy working….
    Send my regards to ur brother…
    Hehee…i have a blog now…but i m still new to it…
    if can, give me some tips on how to use it…
    thanks ya…

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