Happiness Shared from my Brother!

Well, if you know my brother, he is very talented. He play guitar, play piano, play violin and he also wrote songs you know! Walau eh!!

And before this, he take part in a song writing competition organized by Soul Works Music,第五屆〖我要寫歌給他聽〗詩歌創作比賽, and the list of shortlisted participate to the final had come out! And his work is INCLUDED and more than that is not one, is TWO out of three of his work is shortlisted in the list!

第五屆〖我要寫歌給他聽〗詩歌創作比賽 入圍決賽名單 出爐~NEW!!

DATE : 7/10/2008

經過評審漏夜的考慮和篩選﹐終于誕生了入圍第五屆[我要寫歌給他聽] 詩歌創作比賽的決賽名單﹐





敬拜讚美組 P&W
1.懇求主 詞/曲:鄭聯晨
2.全地當向神歡呼 詞/曲:朱恒偉
3.回應 詞: 黃智浩 曲:林國煌
4.單單愛你 詞/曲:連翎翔
5.一生讚美你 詞/曲:鄭聯晨
6.詩篇117 詞/曲:劉本紡

1.生命的改變 詞/曲:周麗仙
2.得著火焰 詞/曲:蔡德榮
3.只要你願意 詞/曲:劉本紡
4.黑白 詞/曲:楊謙庭/張以勒/李榮鉅
5.不再偏離 詞:林志強 曲:曾小菁
6.指教我當行 詞:林志強 曲:陳泓芝
7.十架上的愛 詞/曲:朱恒偉

就約定在19/7/2008 見!!!

You can read the original news here: Soul Works Music

Bold names are his work!

Congrats to him!.
And he is damn happy now… lolz…

p/s: Afterward going to chess club there… damn boring, but dont tell joshuatly, since he is the president! Haha. Share more happiness later!

pp/s: Later i will publish a song of my bro’s composing here… About what?

Stay tuned!


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3 Responses to Happiness Shared from my Brother!

  1. Perng Shyang July 10, 2008 at 4:44 pm #

    Joshua, pls send my best wishes to your brother, ask him to keep up the good job!

  2. mr.tlchen(联晨) July 10, 2008 at 10:48 pm #

    thank q joshua……
    thank q for all my friends……
    who giv me sooooooo much supportSS……
    im so happy now……
    i will do my best!!!

  3. Jia En Grace July 12, 2008 at 12:24 am #

    i can’t read all those square boxes…
    anyway,,congratulations !!!
    Continue ur great job Lien Chen…
    U will be a great composer in the future…..
    But,dun 4get 2 pray to God for guidance throughout ur journey…
    Break-A-Leg !!!

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