Today i browse Google (as usual) but i spot something UNusual…
the logo
something wrong

erm erm erm… why my eye got problem.
or this is a scam site…
No ah!
but why
why why

the logo say…..
Double L?
I see!
Its Goog11e
its GOOGLE’s 11 th birthday!

Happy birthday GoOgLe!
You are my best mate online
(But seems recently facebook are going to overtake your ranking in my heart…, but i promise im gonna stop it!)

Thanks for Google Search Engine! Any question? Google it! [recently more and more people use bing instead of Google, but i still prefer google! Hehehehe]
Thanks for GMail (The ONLY AND BEST web base email client i ever used) [although recently some downtime =.=]
Thanks for Google Reader, my best tool to read blog feed!
Thanks for Google Maps, let me know where am i and where to go!
Thanks for Google Image, just few click to search for the image i want!
Thanks for Google Sites, (I use Google Page Creator which now switched to Google Sites before)
Thanks for Google Translate, everything i need when browsing Japan/Korea/any other language de site!
Thanks for Google Adsense, of cos, earn me some money!
Thanks for Google Chrome, my default browser as now *But now writing blog using firefox also =p
Thanks for Google Docs, where i manage my blog’s ticket submitting
Thanks for Google Analytics, which i use for both of my blogs!
Thanks for YouTube, my video source when im boring
Thanks for Google Video, sometimes i use it
Thanks for ReCaptcha (which recently bought by Google), the best captcha system IMO
Thanks for Google Mobile (which i use very much when surf on N82)
Thanks for Blogger, which still hosting my old blogs, for FREE!
Thanks for Picasa, im lovin this image viewer and editor and uploader!
Thanks for Picasa Web Album
Thanks for giving everything to me for free! (And pay me summo from Google Adsense!)

anything i missed… well, i think i missed quite a lot!
There’s the problem, too many to be listed out…
If no Google, no me! LOL

But the problem now is, Google now know everything about me, my behaviour, my likes, dislikes, my personal details, etc
what will happened when Google go and sell my information (or accidentally spread it out) to those dunno what what what company for illegal use……..
Well, monopoly is not a good thing, thanks for Bing (Microsoft and Yahoo!) now coming out, cutting the cake into more pieces!

Anyway anyway, Happy Birthday Google!
Hope you will provide more good and better services for us! For FREE!
Waiting for Google OS…


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