Google new browser: Google Chrome Review (Part 1)

google chrome part 1

OK, its time i write my very own review on Google Chrome
Unfortunately, i cant write the review in the 1st few days google launch this product because:
Im facing my exam
I dont have enough time to test and play around with the new browser.

Haha, now comes to my lovely weekend and i have plenty of time to write about it.

How i know about google chrome…
Actually i know the browser maybe a little bit late or a little bit earlier than you!
The night before Google Chrome launch, i had been surfing some china tech weblog.
And came across this… And the news state that this project ad already in progress for 2 years (if im not mistaken)
Hm… and they say the download maybe available from tomorrow…
Im wondering is that a joke again from google? (Like what google did every year april fool)
Probably not, because that day or the next day is not april fool day…
Then i just go sleep.

When i wake up, preparing to go to school, as usual, i checked my email, read some blog’s rss…
And i come across the google homepage with the link to Google Chrome download page.
Without much thinking, i downloaded it.

From that day, i start to use Google Chrome while surfing the net but also wont put down firefox completely because google chrome is not perfect yet! I still used to the firefox style.

Ok, this ends the story, lets start to understand more about google chrome, its new features, what google miss, and all sorts of stuff!

Download process is simple, the installation is small (7MB), maybe because not all features are inside yet…
Or else can consider very lightweight!

First Impression:
WOW! It give me a super big view of every page. I no need to have the full screen mode right now!
Super shock! Page loads as fast as firefox, and of cause much more faster than internet explorer.
Loading of javascript apps, and those stuff is super fast… can consider faster than firefox sometimes…
Chinese character support… good! I dont see square around…

Ok, lets look more about Google Chrome!
New tab page:
Google chrome doesnt have the windows bar like other windows application, they also remove the google logo in the maximise view. The tabs are on the top part of the whole windows. I have pretty big space to view the webpage! I like it!
It features the pages that you view frequently so that go can access the website without even type the url,some sort like quick dail. Just reach sites in one click. I think opera started this feature, and firefox can do so with the help of plugin.
BUT we cant delete the single site or unassign spesific url from the quick dail section… except we clear the cache of the browser. Hope they will improve on this.
And i think they are analyse based on the site’s url. See, got two gmail links out of the nine… Whats the point?

The bookmark is more or less the same as firefox.
And the nice one is the bookmark bar will hide automatically when you are viewing a page…
This can also be a bad idea since the bookmark will show only when you open new tab. Luckily the provide the option to show bookmark bar always! Sounds better.
But till now i still cant find a page where i can organize my bookmark
Too bad.
Quick links are available… but where are all my RSS links?
Hm… Google miss out the RSS support for browser. This is one of the reasons why i use back firefox and dont switch completely to chrome!

Address bar features:
You now can search directly via address bar!
Just type in key words and press enter, the result will show using the search engine that you had assigned!
And just like firefox 3, you can just search within history and bookmarks in the address bar…
But i prefer firefox if compared to chrome.
See, chrome will consider the search if you didnt key in the url from the front…
It shows kenny’s google search first while firefox get directly for’s url!
Too bad,
I think this is because of they intergrate search bar with the address bar together.
Haiz… Got pros and cons!

Incognito mode
Make it simple, Porn mode... But it is useful!
not only for those who always visit porn site but want to keep their history clean,(Of cause not me…)
But you can use it to view other site without effecting your current cache, history or cookies…
Some useful example is:
I can login two account on a website at a same time without having to face the conflict of cache!
Test your blog/website with a guest view, without having to logout your admin account!
I think the new internet explorer also got this feature but it is not as good as Chrome one…

URL Highlight
This can make you more clear that which site are you viewing!
And again this features you can get in firefox with the help of Locationbar2 Firefox extension

Quick Bookmark
Pretty good function. Bookmark is easy! Just click on the star on the lest side of the address bar, then its done!
The same feature is enabled in firefox 3, is just for firefox, it is on the right, but google chrome, it is on the left!

Task Manager / Isolated tab crashes
Unlike firefox, when you open about 10 tabs, and one of the tabs crash the firefox, and then thats the end of the world.
Chrome use each tabs as a separate process, so you will get multiple process in the task manager.
When a tab crash, you just need to kill the tab using the task manager provided in chrome (by pressing Shift+Esc)
It gives you a clear view which tab to close and which tab to leave!
Then the about:memory page give even more details data and also include firefox and other browser’s stat!

Coming on part 2:
More features in details
Some benchmark i do myself or taken from the other site
Easter egg
What else missing from Chrome



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10 Responses to Google new browser: Google Chrome Review (Part 1)

  1. 3POINT8 September 12, 2008 at 8:26 pm #

    I’m gonna dwld this soon…

  2. Yuu September 12, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    Hey ! Good post you’ve got up here! I downloaded Google Chrome the next day I saw your twitter. I find its incognito function useful (but of course I do not browse any porno), especially when I want to update my blog(which is a secret to my family).
    One interesting fact about Google Chrome is that one of its engineer is the ex-engineer for Mozilla. It is said that Google is no longer having partnership with Mozilla, so it developed a new browser on its own in secrecy. Details :

    P/S : I experience some problems watching an one hour video on youtube using Chrome..

    • Yuu September 12, 2008 at 10:33 pm #
      This is the one.

      • admin September 12, 2008 at 10:36 pm #

        Thanks, interesting article!
        Gonna to read more about it when i got time…
        Wei, you no need to prepare for your exam meh?

        • Yuu September 13, 2008 at 12:06 am #

          You should know better when you have time to reply me. Same there, you no need to prepare for your exam ? My answer will be the same as yours. haha!

          • admin September 13, 2008 at 6:34 am #

            im blogging here because i just left one more objective paper on monday… i can tembak… definately not same reason as yours… you still got two weeks plus cannot tembak!
            Cos my paper sure fail ady de…
            if dont do well in monday paper, just fail worse.
            wont make a diffrence…

          • Yuu September 13, 2008 at 6:48 pm #

            Wow… That is a VERY GOOD excuse !

    • admin September 12, 2008 at 10:34 pm #

      Hmm… updating your blog is kinda secret?? lol
      Thanks for your interesting information!
      And till now i havent experience any difficulties on viewing videos on you tube…
      Dunno. There ARE plenty of bugs reported by users. You tube is definately one of them.
      The other one is Facebook. Minor bugs!

  3. shaxx September 16, 2008 at 12:14 am #

    I like the crash management part but I haven’t got into that situation to test it yet.


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