Google Chrome Review (Part 2)

google chrome part 2

OK, here comes to the part 2 of the review. You can read the part one HERE!

Firstly, i will test about the startup time. Anyway, i dont actually take a stop watch to count how long does it takes for the application to showed up after i double click the shortcut.
But actually you can experience the differences easily! Google Chrome can start the application almost instantly.

Anyway, i had taken the benchmark test done by lifehacker and show you all here!
They had tested multiple kind of startup for the application.
Lets look at the graph, it explain everything.

1st graph is for cold startup, means time for the application to launch after restart. That means 1st time launch the application lah!
cold start

2nd graph is the warm startup, means how long does it takes after the application had been run twice!
3rd graph is the startup with 8 tabs loaded.

So, Google Chrome is the winner for this round.

Another test is of course memory usage of the application.
I had tested with 8 tabs loaded on Firefox and Chrome.
(Click to enlarge)
This is the result taken from the about:memory page of google chrome.
Firefox uses about 135mb but google consume up to 173mb of the memory.
It shows that firefox is the winner!

Hm… After that will be the Web Standards Test which many browser’s nightmare… esp Internet Explorer which fail this part miserably!
Chrome had passed the ACID2 test… (can you imagine, Internet explorer cannot even pass this test… too bad)
But chrome fail the ACID3 test
But Acid3 is still a new test, and i dont think any browser manage to pass the test!
So we can only hope for improvement that google made to the browser!

And one thing i like about google chrome compared to firefox is the tab thing.
Google open all tabs just beside your original tab, unlike firefox which open all new tabs at the very end of the tabs…
I feel it is better to put it side by side and not at the end because sometimes i might just go crazy and having twenty over tabs in one windows… then do you expect me to open a link at new tab then need to scroll scroll scroll to the very last past to read it?

I’ve also lovin the Download function of Chrome. It didnt show up a new download windows but a small arrow down on the tabs which download link are clicked.
No need to choose save as… or any prompt. Just download the file directly!

Tab option is much more user friendly.
tab option.jpg
I like the close tabs to the right and close tabs opened by this tab!

Anyway, something i feel missing and necessary is the undo close tab function, which is available in firefox!
And the program is closed when you close your last tab, instead of showing the new tab page… This makes me always close the program accidentally while closing all the tabs!
I think if there are some plugins and add-ons available for google chrome, it sure will enhance the experience with google’s new browsers!
And some others i had already mentioned on the first part.
I hope these functions will be available soon…

And same as firefox, about: prompt is used and i had put up the complete list of about pages which you can access here:

The interesting one about about: page is:
You will get the things as shown below:
This is consider as an easter egg in google chrome…
Have fun!

And the last thing i want to mention about Google Chrome is the clear private data part.
It gives you option to clear data of period from last day, last week, last month or everything.
This is pretty useful when you want to clear the cache,history, or cookies or certain period only!

Cheers google!
You had did a very good job.

Some of them said that a browser is a very good weapon for google to win the compatitor, microsoft.
Google Chrome VS Internet Explorer…
My opinion is google WILL win if they improve more on the coming version!

Discussion: Any other function that you feel that is very good and useful and it is not mentioned here?
Any bugs your discover? Any comment on this google new browser?
You are free to comment here!
Im willing to listen to your opinion!


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3 Responses to Google Chrome Review (Part 2)

  1. Jayce September 19, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    Yeah… Firefox is still the best. 😉

  2. Yuu September 21, 2008 at 12:02 am #

    Actually, there is a ‘recently closed tabs’ function. Your closed tabs are shown on the right side of the start page. But this function is not available if you close the browser and restart it again. Unlike mozilla firefox which enable you to save tabs.

    • joshuatly September 21, 2008 at 4:20 pm #

      still damn troublesome…
      too bad

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