Goodbye my love….

Erm….. why i put that title…

OK. Very sorry i havent been blogging lately but im quite active in tweeting and… facebooking LOL
Erm, busy lah! Year end, a lot to think a lot to do a lot to play…
My COD keep me quite busy.

Anyway, tomorrow im going to genting to work again. Remember last year year end (christmas and countdown) im working on genting…. what a wonderful working experience. So happy can go up again and work with them! So i’ll be counting down at there too! Fireworks fireworks fireworks…. hehe

OK. Dont miss me. Im not sure how long i will be on genting…. maybe till 10 Jan?!? Maybe…. Dunno… hopefully not cos…. my fish will all die at the time i come back (FishVille LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL)

OK, hope can earn some pocket money for next year lah!

sum up, 2009 for me is a SUPER AWESOME year!
I would like to thanks God so much for the whole year’s blessing…
Hoop, its so late now. Bye, check my twitter!
Good night


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