Going into Uni or College?

Going into Uni or College?
Haha, recently im thinking much about this topic.
Worrying about i cant get into U cos of my bad result.
And i get something interesting to share with you guys.
This is a forward email.
Maybe you had recieved it before.

I didnt compose anything written above,
Read and LAUGH at your OWN RISK!


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A Poem of INTI

At first I love INTI
But INTI loves my money
I ask money from daddy
But daddy asks mummy
Mummy goes to INTI
And find out why INTI’s so greedy
The lift always mati
And the guards look like monkey
That’s why I started to hate INTI

INTI don’t love me
What for I love INTI
All they need is money
Nothing but money, money and money

The lecturers teach like bugs bunny
No wonder they’re so lousy
And their faces look so funny
Like Talos the mummy

Futhermore, more more money flows to INTI
But they never plant more trees
All because they want to save money
Make all students feel hot to mati

First I entered INTI I got no kaki
Later I found someone likes to play tai tee
Then I started don’t want to study
Here we can find a lot of kaki judi
That’s why we must blame INTI

Since I entered INTI I cant see any leng lui lili sexy

Even the lecturers are more pretty
I always want to date them for tea
But I always kejar they always lari

Dr. Lim from SOLLA always lan si
People said his pucuk already mati
Even Viagra also tak boleh jadi
That’s why loh people say he is ‘cc’

He likes to tell jokes to everybody
But his joke never funny
Sometimes people thinks that his crazy
Dr. Lim so pity

INTI’s toilets really smelly
No water no api
Even you haven’t pee
You want to lari
Always complain they also say soli soli

Tan yew sing always said his INTI got quality
Instead everyone knows they are lousy
INTI motive just to earn more money
So that they can pay lecturers salary
And INTI share in KLSE can naik lagi
Waterfish like us always press by INTI
Just to tipu more more money

That is all the story about INTI
Which loves money
But after all I still come to INTI
To contribute money

(u r not in INTI?
u r very lucky
coz INTI cant bluff ur money
just cabut n jangan kembali~!!)

Student of INTI
noway to lari
already jadi SuiYee (waterfish)
plz tell everybody
jangan kena tipu lagi

And this~ frm UTARian
I join Utar because UM reject me,
I thought Utar would be a good uni,
but end up wanna lompat from KLCC…

Utar exist thanks to MCA,
Dr Ling always said Utar bagus;
as he employed all MCA members,
so you can see cina, cina and cina…

Admin people not helpful,
always ask us to tunggu, tunggu, tunggu;
do things slow like siput,
remind again kena marah like gila…

Big white shark always tipu us,
said we could form any clubs;
when we want snooker club,
she said snookers only for smookers…

Utar treat us like donkey,
each seminar put us different places;
from block PA move to block PD,
distance PA to PD is 2km …

FICT is getting crazy,
keep changing subjects for different intakes;
make us cannot get notes from seniors,
pity us have to study the whole text book…

Utar is University Tak Ada Ruang,
everything in Utar is limited;
based on first-come-first-serve basis,
if you are slow then is too bad …

Classrooms in Utar are ‘cheap sikit’,
aircon not cold, we pening kepala,
tables, chairs, white boards all too small,
I wonder who could take the toll…

I drive CLK to Utar everyday,
kesian my Cute Little Kelisa got no place to park,
so I always block people’s car,
leave message to remove car,
but end up polis give me summons…

PA canteen uncle very gemuk one,
I think he wear 65 inches pants,
always scold his worker malas tak kerja,
and the food always sejuk tak sedap …

Library in Utar really kecil,
no books, no seats, no tables;
students there are very noisy,
sometimes I feel like bunuh them…

Utar computer lab tiada standard,
lab assistant always naik angin,
because we always ask him to change ribbon,
and Utar server always go mati …

Utar got no place for revision,
every corner I go always see people,
break time I always get crazy,
because there is no place to study…

95 percent Utar student are Chinese,
only talk Mandarin, Hokkien and Hakka,
cannot speak a word in English,
so they always carry a electronic dictionary…

No doubts Utar got leng lui,
very pretty, very cute, and sexy,
make sure you got money before asking them out,
if not later she lari…

Utar always claim itself ada standard,
but you will vomit when u know the truth,
paying RM4,000-plus every semester,
but you’ll never get the value of 4k …

Maybe you don’t believe that Utar is so lousy,
you may ask your friends from Utar,
to see whether I’m telling the truth,
I’m here to let u know how bad it is …

So please study hard in STPM,
so that you can go local U,
if not you’ll be like me,
paying so much but still empty!

thx & best regards,

5 Responses to Going into Uni or College?

  1. Jian aka miao February 13, 2009 at 12:01 am #

    hahaha takde MMU 😀

  2. kristine February 20, 2009 at 9:39 am #

    hei, you are good. So have you heard any good local college or uni. Affordable and not so bad. Please share.

  3. clf-yi@hotmail.com February 26, 2009 at 12:30 pm #

    utar o ktar ? utar of pj/perak?which one utar means?

    • joshuatly February 26, 2009 at 10:52 pm #

      im not the person who create this. dont ask me.

  4. clf-yi@hotmail.com February 27, 2009 at 2:33 pm #

    o i c… nvm.. thk

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