[GIVEAWAY] An Afternoon with Norton: What’s Norton Cooking?

An Afternoon With Norton (David Hall)Last Tuesday, I had an interesting meetup with David Hall, the Product Marketing of Symantec, along with some bloggers. David shared some interesting things about the new Norton 360 v6 and also the upcoming Norton 360 everywhere. They also gave me 5 copies of the latest Norton 360 version 6.0 to giveaway to my readers too!

To be honest, I had not been using Norton product for a very long time, well lets say more than 5 years ago. When I stopped using Norton antivirus (but not their utilities product like Norton Ghost) my impression has been Norton antivirus will slow your PC down and make you cry and go back to DOS. Well, not that dramatic, but at least it makes you uninstall it (if you pirated it), or you will cry if you bought the software full price and had to stucked with it for the rest of the year. And before that Tuesday, I still have that impression in my mind, and I think still is in a lot of people’s mind.

According to David, in 2009 Norton rethink their product line and today’s Norton is not the old Norton which will slow down your PC and makes you cry. The latest Norton 360 360 Version 6.0 has a very low footprint in your system yet it keep you protected at all time. They had rework their Norton 360 and achieved 1 click install, 1 minute installation time, 10 mb ram, and 100 mb hard drive space. This is very true since I had installed Norton 360 as they gave me a copy for me to try it out, and yet I want to switch back to my old antivirus. Other than protecting your PC, they also do performance tweaks, clean up and tune up your PC in the background, to make sure your PC is always fast and you wont need to worry about that.

Other than Norton 360, David also talked about their plan for Norton 360 Everywhere which will protect every single devices of yours. Currently they have Norton 360 which will protect your PC/MAC, Norton Mobile Security to protect your android devices, and Norton DNS to protect the rest of your internet connected devices. Norton 360 Everywhere will be an all in one solution to all your platform including PCs, Macs, Android phones and tablets. This product will be available in the first half of 2012.

David also showcase some of the Norton new technology, which are interesting and exciting. Norton Snap (iOS, Android) which is a QR Code reader with cloud functionality which will detect and warn you if the QR code is leading to a malicious site. They also have a handy site for you to Compare Android App Permissions then you can know which android app is requesting permission that they dont need. Norton Safety Minder a parental tools available on PC Macs Android and iOS to protect your kids from the bad guys.

Norton Management is another great tools for you to manage all your Norton products from the web. Now you no longer have to get Norton Removal Tool to retire your unused product key. This is one of the key feature of Norton 360 Version 6.0. Other Norton 360 version 6.0 key features are: Norton Identity Safe, Bandwidth Management, and Backup. For you geeks and tech early adopters, Norton 360 version 6.0 is compatible with the latest pre‐release of Windows 8. You will be protected even if you are using the early release of Windows 8.
Norton 360 v6


Courtesy of Norton, I now have 5 copies of the latest version of Norton 360 version 6.0 to give away to 5 lucky readers of my blog! The Norton 360 v6 will give you 1 Year protection to up to 3 PCs. This product is retail at RM229 and you can get it now at your favourite computer software shop. OR you can win one for free by entering through the widget below.

The giveaway is over…

This giveaway is open to everyone who read my blog. Complete more task to gain more entries. Winners will be choose randomly from all the entries. More entries = higher chance! One cannot win more than one prize.
CD Key will be scanned & emailed to the winners. If you wish to get the physical copy, you will need to pay the shipping fee.

Winner list:
Congratulation to the 5 winners below. Winners had been contacted via email.
Andrey Norton
Nicolas Yip
sunil karakkottu madam
Sean Ng
Daco Bero

Thanks Symantec for the giveaway!


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    Internet security. Yup. Everyone needs it. Should be compulsory.

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    I love Norton Identity Safe feature.

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    Norton Identity Safe

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    I love Norton products, currently using NIS 2012.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

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    very excellent antivirus.
    doing everything himself.
    I want to win.

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    Thanks for this giveaway!

    N360 the best!

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    Norton Identity Safe is the most important and useful feature in Norton 360. I really would like to win it.

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    Norton is one of my favorites 
    good job 

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  • Linu

     I Like the antivirus which is non obtrusive and light on the system.

  • Tiagomelolopes

     The lightness. We don’t all have ultra modes, norton is very light.
    It has safeweb, the best heuristics (SONAR)…

  • Kayla

    Norton Management and I am curious about the Bandwith Management feature.  Overall, I am curious to see the improvements in Norton 360 as I have generally preferred NIS to it, but this version could change my mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1001774569 Hrishikesh Karnawar

    I like the Low FOOTPRINT on System which makes it really Cool on hardware…

    I have been using NIS 2011 For 12months….
    its really awesome!

  • Cool

    I am currently a user of Norton Internet Security and would be more than happy to upgrade it to 360. I had to agree it’s installation is the best in term of time and process, which is easy to install and all ready to go in just a minute.

    Would love to test its PC TuneUp that is missing from the Internet Security edition.
    Anyway, thank for this well written and informative article. Please count me in too.

    Out of the all feature that had been mentioned, the one feature that caught my attention the most is its Norton Everywhere where it could benefit the android phone of mine.

    Good luck to all participant and count me in :)

  • Thomas Schwermer

    Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win a one of this great software. All steps done

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    thank for giveaway..norton is the best anti virus, I have use trial version.

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    I like its feature which is called “Scan Facebook Wall”, Actually I never know about this feature from the previous version but I really like this one. Very Useful.
    Please count me in Dude.

    THX, LJBU!

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    I am a Norton product user and love it so much than any other security software out there. The latest versions of Norton are becoming very very light on system resources. i am alos impressed with its live update that the software updates just every 5 minutes and its really best for real-time protection. Hope to win one of the licenses.

  • Tom

    One of my favorite features is the Norton identity safe feature since I do perform logging in a lot. Hope to win one…

  • James

    Norton Management would be a great feature. I also like the Norton Identity Safe and Bandwidth Management features. one of the best features of Norton is its very quick installation set up. This is a great product for giveaways. Thanks for this…

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    I am excited about its quick installation set up and  less system resources impact. I am also excited about its Norton identity safe. Thankks for this giveaway. I am very excited to win because I am very excited to use Norton 360 v6. This would be my first time to use a Norton product if ever i win.

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     Quick installation is one feature I really like a lot. I am also excited about its PC Tuneup because I would like to know if it is really comparable to any other tuneup software in the market. I am hoping to win a license of Norton 360. Everytime I hear talking about security software, Norton is always popular. I would love to try Norton in my PC.

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    The best thing which i like about Norton is that is consumes only 10 mb ram, and 100 mb hard drive space, so it will not slow down my PC. I had never used it but would love to use it.Please count me in.Thanks for contest.

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    I am excited about its PC Tuneup features. Please count me in. Hope to win one…

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