Gimme Gimme iPod Touch!

Gimme iPod Touch
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The time had come…..
For a new iPod Touch….
I dont need iPhone, but i need those apps and games…
I knew Apple will release a iPod touch that as powerful as iPhone 4…
And they DID!
Its…. not that expensive, and i think im definitely getting it asap (as soon as i got $$)
Its sexy…

Its on my wishlist.
Oh no, my birthday just over, so sad. i wish apple did this even a month earlier so that someone can buy me this as a birthday gift! LMAO

OK Thats all enough for apple stuff.
Good night.


iPod Nano Pink
p/s: Nano is sexy too. if you cant afford to give me an iPod Touch, give me the 8GB nano and i’ll be super happy πŸ˜›
Pink one please
[zomg u so gay]

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