Gift to blogger…

Everyone loves gift! Bacause it is something unexpected or you dunno what is it… and maybe it is a surprise!
Usually you will receive gifts when…

Your girlfriend or boyfriend give it to you…
Love Gifts

Your birthday!
Bday Gifts

Your wedding
[Oops…. if you give this to the wedding couple, how will they think…] lol….

Girl Christmas GiftChild Christmas Gift

Mother’s / Father’s Day.
Mother's Day Gift
(provided you already had a child… who know how to give you present when father’s and mother’s day… which not much of them do this… including me… didnt give my mother present when mother’s day… lolz)

When you pass your exam!

In a party (maybe gifts exchange…)

After someone back from oversea
Hand Gift

And do you think of you will receive a gift because of you are…



Now, im giving out this “gift” to Hwei Ming!
[The gift is in inverted comma because im not sure this gift will be delivered or not… Maybe yes or maybe no… HAHA]
Because of what?

Because he is a blogger!

Why if Hwei Ming? Not YOU?

There is a few reasons why i choose Hwei Ming but not you…
This is because probably…
You are not a blogger…
You are not a nuffnanger…

Haha, that means, i give this gifts is only for one blogger, and of cos he or she must be nuffnangers!
And im participating in this event: Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest And you can read more here!

Well, actually i dont know much nuffnangers because i miss two of the important event:Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party and Nuffnang’s First Birthday Bash a.k.a. Pajama Party and a few more movie screening
So sad… just because im still a student (quite busy) and im not living in KL area… (although quite near lah)

And i dont know Hwei Ming too much, because just meet two times only… in Nuffnang traffic Jam event

Well, a little story for how i get know to Hwei Ming.
I go to Traffic Jam event to setup my pc for my blog! And since it is the 1st time i participate in such kind of event, i also blur blur go to PWTC and blur blur walking around. After walking around for like half an hour, at last i manage to find the event place, and even worse is no instruction give, so i went there and see Hwei Ming (of coz lah that time i dunno him…) then we greet and asked him some noob question, like:
Is Traffic Jam event here ah?
Which PC should I take?

And something like that lah, then he answer me politely and treated me as a friend… lolz.
I feel so warm at that time… Haha, and can consider the 1st Nuffnangers i meet physically lah!

So we take photo 2gether… at the traffic jam event!

Hwei Ming and I

OK, guess what will i give him?


SanDisk Cruzer Contour 8GB (flagship USB Drive)!!

I get this product from…
Real Mart! []


Ok, lets talk about Real Mart, as usual, i will do some comment or critic after i use or try a product… Haha
I have to say, this nuffnang’s event had let me know another place where i can do online shopping, thats Real Mart! And of cos i try to check it out like how does it work and stuff and stuff…

Well, this is diffrent from ebay and lelong cos the seller of all product are RealMart, so the percentage of scam case is almost zero! Although the numbers of produc selling is a bit less, but i think there is enough for your daily use! And i think they sure will increase the number of the product very soon!

And if you are RealReward or Mesra card holder, you will have one extra reason to buy at RealMart, cos you can use your points collected and gain special discount on those products!
The price of those product selling are… REASONABLE, and some are really cheap! So you may want to check it out immediately!

When i want to register, I clicked on the sign up link, and i had to wait for YEARS… before the page can finish loading, so since years are so long, i fed up and deciding not to register anymore…
But i still not sure is this my computer problem, network problem or their website problem…
hope they can fix this soon.

And im quite happy while browsing their webpage, and the product description also quite well done!

Ok, back to Hwei Ming’s gift story…
You may want to ask, WHY pen drive?
Oh, this is because months ago he get his new DSLR camera ady, and probably the 1st one which get Sony Alpha 350!

Haha, So a 8GB pendrive will provide him extra place to store his photos
Tell you, he really kuat take photo… see his Wild Live party post, wow 6 parts man… lolz

If i found a 16GB one, probably i had to change my mind to give him that one… haha!

Another reason is, since he is studying biomed, so most probably he will be a doctor coming soon, and probably for now he got a lot of things to memorize or remember, and probably his brian had run out of space, so he can use the 8GB pendrive to store those data… instead of storing them in his brain… haha

Like this… maybe??


What do you think?
Hwei Ming, do you love it?


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2 Responses to Gift to blogger…

  1. shian July 29, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    go view my blog and find a blog post title”如果你的头上有个USB port…”
    ur photo quite suitable to use in the article
    how do take part in this?
    i can giv u a gift
    since i am a blogger(i think)
    and i am also a nuffnanger

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