Get LCM Piano Exam Grade 7 Exam Slip

After about 7 months of waiting, i get my LCM Piano Examination Grade 7 exam slip from my teacher yesterday!
Yes, i get 80/100, that means i get a MERIT for my exam! Haha, but unfortunately, just 5 marks more to Distinction! Lolz, and i never get distinction before! Dont laugh at me!

Anyway, im happy with it, as i dont think i perform well that day, cos of too nervous… Haha.
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Here is the scan ver of my exam slip lah… haha! you can click to view it larger!

Joshuatly's Exam Slip

Based on the mark, generally quite well done lah i can say…

For Technical Work, i dont take scales but Studies! Coz studies more like playing a normal song, and that will be easier for me! Haha. I get 13 out or 15! Hm… quite satisfied with it lah!

For the three pieces, i dunno why my first piece’s mark is relatively low compared to the other two. I get for the first piece 16/20 and second and third one are both 17/20! I tot second one will get lower mark de… Haha

Viva voce, just i dunno how to answer some times and still get 6/7… Haha

Sight reading… oh sight reading………………. i also dun want to say lah, As usu my sight reading is very very very lausy de… and on that day also, he give me a damn long piece to play but he asked me to play the first part only… Dunno is he didnt say or i didnt listen that he say need to play only a short part, i play play play… i also dunno what i play, then halfway, he call me to stop… probably he dont want to listen to it anymore… Haha
And i get only 5/10!
Lolz… got half of the marks also like very lucky ady lah… haha

Aural, 6/8, and quite nervous that time and answer some rubbish on that time…

Anyway, im happy with it lah, since i didnt put much time in practicing it and i go “express” one, so the result also kind of “express” lah! And,  Still waiting for the cert to come…

I stop learning ady now… since i dont have time to practice (actually is lazy to practice)>
And i plan to continue to learn after my STPM and hope that time i learn will serious a bit lah. I got plenty of things to learn. I wanna learn jazz improvisation, pop,blue, and many other lah!

And plan to take grade 8 exam hm… next next year probably, if i got that much time to prepare myself, then maybe go for august 2008. Dunno can or not de lah! And then get an express result also!

More blog post later… Sleep 1st!

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3 Responses to Get LCM Piano Exam Grade 7 Exam Slip

  1. CLF July 14, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    Now I regret dropping piano lessons last time lol.

  2. admin July 14, 2008 at 10:30 pm #

    you can always learn back one mah! Never be too late except you already more than 40 years old… haha!

  3. Jia En Grace July 17, 2008 at 11:49 pm #

    A good grade indeed >>>>
    LCM standard is always easier than ABRSM….
    i took LCM during grade 6…oso got a MERIT….
    I took scales…y dun u take ???
    Scales r very easy….
    Viva Voce ?? teacher didn’t even mentioned…..

    i m taking grade 8 exam at April nxt year….
    If i m selected, probably take the August session…
    I hope to take in April..the place will be at Kuala Lumpur…opposite KLCC….

    hahaha…..u r a good pianist…..undeniable..
    continue to improve ur performance skills…..
    I bet u can….

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