Game Review: Limbo

OMG I can’t believe I had actually made it to the end!
I just finished the awesome puzzle game, Limbo, and I recommend you to play it too!

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Limbo is a very special game, in a black and white world, with no dialog, no cut scene, and hardly any loading (except when the time you die). You play the character of a boy, he got no weapon, but is walking around in the world of Limbo. He need to go through all the obstacle and fight the “enemy” by using tricks and solving all the puzzle. The game doesn’t tell you anything when you start, you just exploring the world around. The control is dead simple, just one button for jump, and another to push things or button. But the gameplay itself is FREAKING HARD!

First lets talk about the graphic of the game. The world is really dark, the first thing that catch your eye will be the character’s eye. The black, grey and white graphic really sets the environment of the game, to be a really creepy and dangerous place. The game hardly have any background music, but the background noise itself is enough to freak you out. I remember i bought the game on PSN few days ago, in the middle of the night, and started playing with the headphone on. My family are sleeping, and the game just creep me out… especially when i reach the “escaping from the freaking huge spider” parts.

This game have a very minor storyline. Basically, the boy is looking for his sister, end of story. Really! But anyway, no one is playing this game for the storyline, but for the puzzle, and to DIE!!! There are so many parts that makes me stucked at the same place for FREAKING THIRTY MINUTES!!! Figuring out the puzzle is hard, but thats not the real cause of me getting stucked, but the timing of your action to solve the puzzle thats killing me. You will be surprised that the puzzle you face throughout the gameplay, and how hard can them be by only using two actions “jump” and “push”, and no one puzzle solving mechanic is the same as the previous one. At various points (I will say, 5 times throughout my gameplay), I had to go to youtube to search for walkthrough, as I am stupid enough to think of that way to solve it…
But everytime when you solve that part of the puzzle, you feel extremely proud of yourself. At one part that you have to manipulate the gravity to get the box out, that one really require a lot of skills to do that. At one point of that gameplay, i would want to throw my controller on the floor, for not getting that stupid box out for the 100-th times…. But when I finally did get the box out, I was jumping and shouting and dancing…. and in the next few second, i died, and respawn to the place that i need to get the box out again =.=

About the checkpoint of this game, its appropriately placed at places that wont require you to go for another 1 minute to the place you just failed. Most of the time, you will be at the place nearby, or one puzzle behind. The checkpoint didnt frustrate me that much, and I really appreciate they did that, or else, I maybe still stucked in the middle of the game at the time Im writing this. Haha

This game, is really the a piece of art, enjoyable, really creepy but satisfying. I will hope the gameplay is longer, as one can easily solve it within 3-5 hours, or if you are running it for the second/third times, easily within 2 hours. And the replayability of the game is high too. There are plenty of “hidden place” and the trophy set is nice too.
When i finish my first run, I only get 33% of the trophy, really looking forward to play it for the second or third time, and this time will look at some walkthroughs and see which places that I had missed.

So, to wrap this up, this game is definately a BUY for all you who like art, and puzzle. Casual gamer like me will really love this game.

For those who own a XBOX 360, its on XBox Live Arcade, go get it now.
For those who own a PS3, its now on PSN! Enjoy it and collect those trophies.
And finally PC gamers will be able to get the game through Steam starting from August 2nd.

Official Game Site:

p/s: Speaking of puzzle game, another puzzle game I’m looking forward is Catherine, from what i read is this game is harder than Limbo x1000. And with a really interesting storyline and game system too. Looking forward to get the PS3 version of the game in a few days. Its on XBox too!


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