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2 times apply and appeal for local U also failed.
Maybe This is because my result too bad (Blame myself not studying hard at all at form 6)

Mainly also because i wanted computer science software engeneering ONLY. I fill up my UPU application form all computer science computer science computer science, from choice no 1 to no 8.
And when appeal that time, i fill up both computer science also.
Cos im thinking, if i fill up something i dont want, i wont want to go in.
If i wont want to go in, why waste the one choice instead of something i want?!?

Still, the only thing i blame is not studying hard (at all)

I Want

I want to take computer science software engeneering
I want to study hard in my future
I want to study in the best university if possible
I want to do what i like


Actually i dont put much hope on local U since i “myself know myself” that i got 10% going in into U and 1% getting what i want.
So i started to looking for private U.


i look for MMU, since many people say MMU is good in IT (multimedia actually) and the internet speed there is very fast… LOL
But sadly, they dont want my money but not me (for the same reason… result)
Sad… sob sob
They want me to study in foundation. Means im going to waste my 2 years in STPM… I dont want to waste another 10k on this!


I spotted INTI @ an education fair just days after i know i failed to go into local U (1st intake)
INTI will have intake on sept and their requirement only need 2 credit in STPM (Which i ngam ngam have) LOL
So happy, so im thinking of wait for their intake and go into there….
But i never know GOD prepared a better one for me, and seems it is the BEST one!

3rd and final choice

One day, my neighbor (she is also an IT teacher @ my school) came and chat with my mum.
She mentioned to me APIIT and she say it is the best U in Malaysia to study computing!
Without further delay i checked their website but seems theie website providing not much information (like fees etc)
But from there, i know i can go stright into degree without question.
So i decided to pay a visit there and check out the situation.
I called the counselor on the next morning. And i think this is god’s time, my father dont have much task in hand that day. We decided last minute to visit the U that day!
Without further much delay my father bring me to there in the afternoon

Get settled

APIIT is a good school, when we reach there, we realized that many students there are from other country. Maybe this do help give a better impression of the U to me…
We asked about everything in detail, and quite satisfied with it. And my father make the decision to register and as well as booked for the accommodation. (If i were went there alone, i wont be able to make that decision on the spot as i think the accommodation there is a bit expensive)
So get everything sattled

When im back home that day, i search Lowyat.net forum about this U, and many of them say this is the best among all!
See, this prove i didnt do enough research before… LOL
And all this happened in less than 24 hours i first heard the name APIIT

I know i had made the correct choices this time. I know this is GOD’s guide to me.


My course at APIIT will be starting by 27th this month.
I dont need to wait for so long, sit home and do nothing for another few months!
A completely new environment to me.

Am i ready yet?

Im ready to study. But not ready for the new environment.
Frankly speaking, i dont think im very good in making new friends.
Im not good in dealing with people
At form 1, when i moved from Jerantut to Bentong, i was bullied by my friends (at this time) for almost 1 year.
Not really used to new environment, new friends until i was in form 4.
Lausy rite! LOL
At form 6, i take almost half a year to actually remember my friends name and everything…
If not i will call ah hong ah kong, call ah kong ah hong….
Like in form 4 and 5, i will never make clear which one is pui san which one is yean kee, as they two come from 2 rivers (sungai dua) and both are Loke….

Im wondering will i be alone for the three years?
Dont think so lah, as you see got much improvement liao.
Dunno. need to keep praying for myself.

Will never know what happened until i face the situation and problem.
Hope i wont mess up everything.


I know GOD is still listening to my prayers.
Im so sad because i feel like im lazy and im not as close to Him as before.
I hope in a brand new situation will be a good time to start a new me.

Further Future

What will i be in the future?
The one which write a lot of lyrics and songs?
The one famous programmer?
Or the famous web developer working in Google or something like that?

I hope for many things. But only certain WILL come true.
And only if i work hard for it!

a New me in a New future

pray for me


p/s: i write in a quite diffrent style this time if compared to my previous posts. I never do such a formatting including coluoring all the words etc…how is it? wakaka

3 Responses to Future

  1. voon July 12, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    I also faces the same situation like u before. I spended 1 week to search for private school after knowing i cant get local u,,then i spended another 1 week to think about my course.after that only i choose UTAR,but they also want me to do foundation if i wanna take biomedical, means im going to waste my 2 years in STPM too,then i take financial economic,which i dun hav any idea about it,quite suffer for me to study business as i dun hav any basic,and i got damn hard test and damn stupid assignment after 1 week i came to UTAR,badluck!dun hav enough time to study and adapt myself.dun no about my future oso,and quite hard to adapt myself for the new environment,luckly still got frens frm same hometown(hau yee,yuh choon,a hong).so goodluck loh.atleast u can study 1 course that u r interesting,then u will not feel suffer loh.

  2. shian July 13, 2009 at 12:04 am #

    in my past years
    i heard that APIIT really produced a lot of excellent IT students
    and even in job world
    the boss will prefer APIIT student
    enjoy it
    at least not unfamous like New Era

    good luck to ur new life

  3. Ah Hong July 13, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    Bro…just follow the flow of nature 🙂

    All of us have the future but we just have to chase it. Good luck ya 😀

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