Friday: Who created this mess

(This post had sat in my blog’s draft list for some time. I intended to publish it last friday, but haiz, no mood that day, so… haha. :P)

Yesterday my mum told me a piece of stories she read on the newspaper, about a rich girl paying to be famous, and she sang a super bad song named “Friday”.
I didnt noticed much about the story until i go on youtube that night and catch up with the videos i missed for the past week. I went to JPMetz channel and saw this video:

Then which link me to the actual song. Here i embed it for you to ENJOY!!!!!!
Here i present, the one and only worse song of the year (even its still March now)
Rebecca Black – Friday

I spent almost two hours of last night before i sleep doing some reading, watching and laughing on the internet. Here are my view of it.

First, if you would like to ask, who’s fault is this?

In my opinion, its never Rebecca Black’s fault.

1. Rebecca Black’s parent.

I guess she is in a rich families, which capable to do all this things, like hiring ARK Music Factory of doing this shit to make her famous. Im not sure who’s idea is this. is it Black’s idea, or her parents’ idea. If is Black’s idea, the problem will lies on the parents didnt educate her properly and let her do what she want. In my opinion, a child getting too famous is never a good thing, especially when she is only thirteen years old. Come on, how is she going to live her life afterwards especially when she is getting so many negative comments on her. On the other hand, if its her parents’ idea, the only scenario when one parents will do this to their daughter is, they want to use her to gain more attraction, and gain more money.
Come on, you want to use your child’s fame to make YOU money? And without thinking about her future? This kind of parents can throw away!

2. The ARK Music Factory.

The company who do this, produce this, and publish this, only have one intention. To make money.
They had completely successful to do that and destroyed a girl’s life (probably).
From what i read, the company is looking for young singers and help them to publish a single. They dont care if the girl/boy know how to sing properly, and of cause they dont need to care, because there is autotune!
And they found Rebecca Black which her parents are willing to pay a shit load of money to them and make this shit. Sure lah they will damn happy to do this.
They realized, instead of let her sing a proper song, that will never get viral and famous, why dont make her sing a stupid shitty song and let everyone talk about it!
Since bad publicity is good publicity!
I think whoever that write the lyric for this song, must had done this is like 2 second. Just two or three words repeating itself like 200 times in the lyric, google some random words and put it inside, make it sound as stupid as possible, and BOOM! Here you got it!
Music composer of the song did a good job to make the song sound as catchy as it can be, and the guy must had listen to a lot of Bieber’s song.
And the producer of the song even better, he just copy a bit of everything from the successful pop music, like got a guy rap in the middle of the song, crappy MV to be put on youtube, etc etc. Yay, you success!
Shame on you ARK Music Factory.

I didnt know how this song can get this popular. And, not only the bad publicity, but im wondering how can such a crappy song able to climb the iTunes chart and make it to top 40 and above? This also prove that the quality of the audience had reduced a lot lately. Im so sad for the pop culture nowadays, which i dont even bother to turn on the radio and see whats the latest hit song. Maybe there is still one or two that i will be listening to, but, generally, haiz. Especially Chinese Pop, the song had become so familiar, familiar chord, lyrics are more or less the same, not meaningful at all, melody is like only one note repeating throughout the whole song… I also dont know why lah. I rather listen to my classical songs.

Although i think the song is bad, and its not her fault blablabla, but i still enjoy all the hater’s comments, parody, and all the things they do on the net. I got a list of tweets that i read on that night and you should read them too!

Time for some GOOD GREAT & AWESOME Music!

Speaking of music, if you dont want to listen to this bad music, there are plenty of good music out there. And whats better than FREE MUSIC?
My brother, The Only MrTLChen (his blog, his twitter) is a composer too! He composed some really cool music that you can listen, download it for free!
BAAM! His leng chai photo:

If you click his face, you will be able to go to his bandcamp page. Or
click here
You can download the music for free, or name your price. Support a bit loh! If you want to hire him, his details is available on his blog
(psst, its free on the song’s individual page. click the song’s name and you can download it for free. When asked for priced, just enter 0 will do. :D)
Do send him some love!

His playlist:

My tweets regarding Friday LOL:

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Thats all, enjoy the super bad music, and super awesome musics.



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