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Hmm… Long time no blog right!
Sorry for long time didnt update this blog, not that i no longer want to blog, but i put all my attention on my educational blog: v2
And, my assignment due date is around the corner (and i still dont know how to do them =.=)

Anyhow, i got something to share, something free for you guys!
Everyone loves freebies right!
OK. eBooks, you may like them, or not, but slowly printed books will start to fade out like cassette and CD do.

Dummies books… quite famous right?!! Yellow background, Dark stripe white title, with a sakai pointing to some random words at the bottom of the cover…. Haha, you know that right
Something like the picture below
following instructions for dummies

Erm…. maybe not really 😀

Anyway, found two ebooks that i downloaded for free from AMD’s website, and i though it will be a good idea to share it with you guys!
Cloud Computing Clusters For Dummies (AMD Special Edition)
Virtualization For Dummies (2nd AMD Special Edition)

Its about cloud and virtualizationn, the two hot topic of the year (in the tech world of cos)
And if you are interested, grab it!
Ah, those files are hosted on my dropbox account.
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Haha, I help you, you help me 😀
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More random blog post soon as soon as i have time 😛


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