You must gotta check it out this event! 2009 which going to held in my uni, APIIT aka UCTI!
You may already ask, eh eh, what is foss ah?
Foss means Free and Open Source Software

Its a 2 days conference with tons of great talks, speaker, and also BoFs…
Check out the schedule.
They got 4 keynotes, 28 great talks, 30 speakers and 8 Bird-of-Feather side sessions!
Its more than the value of RM60 u will get from that talk (RM60 package included lunch, tea and t-shirt)
If you are still primary and secondary school student, you can just register for free!
(I wish time can reverse to my secondary school time and allow me to register for free. LOL)
Check out more package here

To give you a clearer image of what FOSS is all about, listen of these podcasts:

Yong Yoon Kit and Ditesh Kumar co-chairs of talks about how they got into open source technologies and the impact it is having on the Malaysian IT scene.

Do you think instututions should teach their students using open source tools?


Yeah! Its cool right!
After listening to the podcast, only i know the meaning of FOSS, the real meaning of FREE from foss.
I had registered, how about u!?


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