Facebook: Stalkers Rejoice! “Break Up Notifier” save your 5 hours of going through all your friend’s friends profile (or not)

FACT: Most of my friends that live their life on facebook, most of them spent their time “stalking” their friends, or their friend’s friends profile.
Well, do except 2% of them who still so stuck into those facebook games… farmville? Nope, no longer the 1st game, cityville is now the hit.
I think those 2% of my friends that do cityville every hour, is working for zynga without getting paid, wait, you get paid by getting a city that is not even real! but Zynga getting million dollers from each of you each year by looking at the ads they serve

Whats the 98% of them do?
From my observation, 20% of them dont even sign in to their account regularly (at least i do) and the 70% working for facebook (without getting paid again) and the other 8% is using ad blocker.

You know how i know this? Is just because while Chinese New Year Gathering, what we do is gossip about other friends that wasnt with us, and trying to catch up with that they had been doing, and my stalker friends always can give me the answer i want.
And when house visiting, the following things happened:
Boring + Internet + Laptop = Start stalking people’s picture on facebook, commenting is this guy/girl lengchai/lenglui or not, etc etc.

You get the idea (since you probably do so, or your friends do so)
Over the weekend, the super hot facebook apps had been BreakUp Notifier if you havent already know. (At the point of writing, facebook had removed the apps for “policy reasons”, and hopefully the apps will be back online soon.)
What the apps do is what you stalkers want, and make your life easier.
This apps help you to stalk the facebook relationship status of your friends, that you “care” a lot about, and send you email when their relationship status is changed.
I got to say, this apps is super helpful (for me) and im definitely using it to stalk the friends (like over 9000 friends) that i “care”. It will scan those profile of the friends that i “care” once every 20 minutes, so that when someone broke up, i will be on her side within the next half an hour.
Im definitely waiting for this apps to be online, and hopefully this tips save you stalker’s precious time


p/s: I am NOT a stalker
pp/s: I cant wait for the day the apps is back online…
ppp/s: I am NOT a stalker!!

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