Exam starts….

So tomorrow will be the last day im on the earth the day my exam starts…
here is my last blog post before i die my exam start…

I had been doing revision for this whole week. Life is so boring…
And i try my best to put my full concentration on the book my PSP when im studying…
[playing LocoRoco 2! Cool Game!!!]
Then i discover at the end of these days, i know nothing. I may be failing my STPM exam, then 2 years of my life wasted…

my exam...
(Image Credit: My exam by ~mymania on deviantART)

Anyway, i want to wish all the best to all those who are having or will be having exam… (SPM, STPM, U, Final exam…)

And i wish those who already start enjoying their holiday, HAPPY HOLIDAY! 
And i still have 18 days……. then i can pack and cabut… [go where i also dunno… GO HOLIDAY LAH!] 
pack to holiday 
(Image credit: DEVlANT@deviantART Original Page)

As you know, i dont countdown to the day i start my exam… i countdown to the day i finish exam! Haha, how smart am i…xD

And at last, for those who are working…..
Aiya, dont work lah! Go for holiday also lah! Haha.


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  1. Perng Shyang November 17, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    All the best, brother!

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