Exam Rant

I finished my 2nd year final exam last week, it feel like months ago for me. 😀 I wanted to write this since the day i finish my exam, but unfortunately, im too “busy”. But anyway, here are my exam rant.

Im quite sure that everyone dont like exam… me too.
Especially my exams have four subject, each subject is a two hours exam, and it spread up to two weeks to finish that. Maybe i should be greatful for that since i can do my revision last minute and do one subject at a time. But this sem, my problem is… the hardest subject is the last subject that having the exam, and till the last day of exam, I completely have no mood to study…. 🙁 i think…. im gonna fail i did my best this time.

Each subject i spent like a day or two to study, three out of four subject we got tips, quite detail tips actually, so nothing much to worry (except the tips we get is everything we dont need to study for). There is one subject we got no tips at all, how to study leh? The subject is so huge and complected. I try to read all, but there are a lot of things to memorize but i didnt. And ended up everything i memorized for the exam does not came out in the exam… When i memorize slide 6 & 7, slide 8 & 9 came out =.=
Haiz…. how? Blow water loh (aka bull shitting)! And hope all those *shits* make some sense and have some marks…

I find something weird i did this time through out all my exams, which is i didnt even bother to check my answers. The minute i put the full stop at the last sentences, the minute i pack my stuff and go out of the exam hall. All i checked is, i had answered all the questions (and sub questions) that i should do.
There might be several reasons for that. The fist exam is because the exam hall if too cold, i cant wait to run out from that space before i became frozen inside there. Then the other reason might be my brain is not functioning anymore, rather than sitting inside the hall do nothing, i went out and listen to songs/podcasts. Next reason is, i cant wait to go to my college library. And my last and ultimate reason is, I did my best the first time. LOL

I dont know why, but since secondary school exam, i wont bother to check my exam answers, because i found out, the more i check, the more i “correct”, and those i “corrected” actually cause me to lose marks. But for most of the time, i do spend some more time reading the questions and thinking about do i have more things to add… But not in this exam…
Actually im “looking forward” to see my result, and i hope i didnt fail, and i dont know if i will do well or not.

No fail = no die.
Speaking of #fail, i did something super #fail this time. I knew i was going to have MCQ, but i totally forget to bring pencil in! XD
No pencil, how to answer MCQ? Luckily the one sitting in front of me is my friend and i borrowed the pencil from him haha.

Well, im in holiday mood now, basically my life is playing game from morning till night, oh, correction, is from noon till midnight.
I dont know why everyday i stay up till 3 or 4am only i can go to sleep, and wake up 12 noon. I think this is not that good for my health is it… Will try to correct my physical clock back soon… Haha

Thats all for this time 😀


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