ENOUGH! By YOU in the title is not referring to you but the best buddy i used to gang with last week…


From the last sunday to saturday, i had ate a lot of bread, almost 80% of my life is bread.
And this thing happened to me for a quite long time already…
So lets have a look at what kind of bread i had last week.

Gardenia bread + my Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter
Bread + Frying egg
Bread + Milo
Bread itself
Roti Canai
Roti Telur
Dominos Pizza x5
(Ya, i ordered the pizza 3 times, in a week, each time got 2 pizza (buy 1 free 1) except the 1st order)

Thats all i ate last week…
LOL. No lah, other than that i ate…….
McChicken (Which is still bread)
and a gei si hor fun.
fried rice and fried mee.

Thats all.

Ya thats all.
Just THREE thing i eat that didnt consist of any bread!

Im sick of it now……… I WANT TO EAT RICE, NOT BREAD ANYMORE…..
But still gotta eat for the rest of this week.
since i just called my mum and she will buy me a rice cooker soon. until then i still need to makan roti….

pity me.

ok. thats all, i still got bunch of homework and assignments to do.


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