End of the Month | My Study Plan

Just now tuition chatting with friends, only i discover today is thursday! Tomorrow is friday, last day of school day this week, and soon will be weekend… Next week is coming soon…
Just like this week i do…… NOTHING, but just rubbish, craps, and didnt study at all…..

And my friend tell me, this is the end of the month also!
OMG, i also havent wonder that, today is 26, tomorrow is 27th ady!
And July coming soon, this also indicate many things, include:

  • My STPM… i have one month less to prepare for it, to fight for it!
  • My new blog,this blog! One month old ady! 17 blog posts! Quite well done…
    I need to thanks to all readers who read my blog! Thanks a lot!
  • My study in my school, Pre-U will be ending very soon…
  • 1/2 year gone… what had been i doing for this 1/2 year? What about YOU?
  • etc…

Too bad… i need to fight with time… for my STPM, my blog, my exam……

BUT whenever i decided to concentrate in my studies, like now, one week ady i make the decition…
But as usual, i find alasan for myself, like:
-i sick lah…
-choir lah…

I know that when i started to do something, somebody else will also start to do something….
When i started to study, I feel very sleepy all the time, I wanna to play my computer, I wanna play piano, Watch football match (*actually i dont watch football, cos i dont like it), and Olympic in august….

God please give me power to overcome all this stuff, let me concentrate in my studies… I dont want im the one who cannot go into university…I dont want my STPM to fail… i aimed all pass or better at least!
God.. help me…

And i wish i can take one part of my time and start reading bible.
about one year already, i feel im very far with god. I do everything also didnt have much power. All power come from me, not from God! I MUST do something, if not our relationship will be getting worse and worse… plus things happend in my church. haiz. MUST do something!

So lets hope i can do better soon… and I WILL do better soon….


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3 Responses to End of the Month | My Study Plan

  1. jeremy June 27, 2008 at 11:19 am #

    haha, you better start studying now. stpm is no fun and i heard it is the toughest pre-u among other malaysia’s pre-u course.

    blogging can be an addiction, but blogging can’t access you into any university!

    and God disposes your plans if you don’t do something apart from being a procrastinator.

    keep it up!

  2. aeroplane1234 June 27, 2008 at 3:40 pm #

    you are right, tomorow will be different…. let say if u failed ur exam u still can become full time blogger. haha

  3. admin June 27, 2008 at 4:46 pm #

    @jeremy: Thanks for your advice! ya i know it!

    @Aeroplane1234: Oh NO NO NO NO NO! Thats what i dont want my friend! I want to have a place in the uni, now a days, if im not a degree holder, im a nobody! You know!

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