Eden of the East

eden of the east

This anime is GREAT!
I love this anime from every aspect!

Love the OP
The opening is very great! [ 「FALLING DOWN」 by OASIS]

The CG is very well done and it makes everything looked COOL!
You might want to have a look even you are not watching the anime.

Cool ED
ED: 「futuristic imagination」 by school food punishment

The ending also damn cool!
Give somekind of 3D and origami stuff feel! Its unique! I had never seen that type of presentation before!

Love the music
As i said, the OP and ED music is very nice. And one more not to forget is the song:Reveal the World which is the insert song of the movie (appeared in many episods, full song appeared only at the last episode episode 11 (since the story havent end yet) and i still havent manage to get the song via internet.
Guess i need to wait till 29th which the OST release. So pray hard hard the song is included! Wakaka
BTW that song’s feel match perfectly at episod 11! Love it soooooo much!

Beautiful drawing
And i watch this anime at first is because of (this) No lah…… is cos of the drawing is so nice. And the Taki is beautiful leng chai and Saki is damn it leng lui! I think i fell in love with Saki after having that feeling to Mio…. Fell guilty to fall in love with every girls appear in every anime i watch…. 😛 I should go and get a GF in the real world i guess… Wakakakaka

Even looking at her side face, super leng lui too!

And also, their drawing are very details, till the background object too!
There are so much things to see when watching this anime, but i just simply focus on the subtitle and using my lausy brain and little english knowledge to understand it… Haiz…
Thats why i say i watched it 2 times, maybe the 3rd time if im free! Hehe

Good storyline
The storyline is very potential, and everything is well developed. I dont know but i heard that every episode is one day that Saki with Tak.
At the end of the anime series, its not the end of the story, two more movies to come (but its showing on cinema by Nov 09 and Jan 10, not showing on their TV channel. So i guess we need to wait for bootleg or their DVD or BluRay to be released, since no more HDTV Rip. Haiz……..)
You can read the summary on wiki page and anidb page since i dont want to contain any spoiler here…
Im very looking forward to the movie…. Someone, lets fly to japan to watch the movie by nov loh!
but is it subbed english in japan’s cinema?
Dont think so….
so i think i need to bring someone who know japanese very well with me. He or she will be my translator.

Interesting Phone

The magic phone…. can call Juiz to get anything done….
And not to forget the 10M inside… hm…. i would like to have a powerful computer, fastest broadband in the world, gaming console, apple products, LED tv, etc etc etc…. and buy myself a house, and a car, and a gf….
wait, can i buy a GF? not likely…
LOL its a joke.
Many things can be done with 10M to improve my lifestyle
Eh, not to improve Malaysia instead of japan meh?
Eh, ya hor. Then i will make PM to call me “Uncle”!
LOL. U will know what i mean if u watched the series… Wakaka.
It only cost 40 yen means….. I dont know the conversion… LOL. RM5 probably.

If like that i will make him call me for 100 times…. Wakakakakaka

And also interesting to know NEC is manufacturing the actual phone of eden of the east…
Im hope when it come out, somebody will borrow me that phone to play play. See i can get Juiz to do me some favour… Wakaka

Before this post end, i’ll post something that make u may want to watch this anime…
Beware oh….





Really want to see?











OK lah, let u see…

Mitten and her laptop… LOL

Actually after finishing watching the 11 episodes for two times, there are still many question marks in my head, like:
Why Tak is naked and the NEETs are naked too?
Who is Mr Outside for real?
Is Juiz real person or AI? (I guess 99% is real person)… But how can she handling so many requests?
Who play the act of supporter (i do feel it need to be Tak. Or else the supporter kill himself after Tak win the game…. LOL)
Do tak really win the game?

and many many more…..

See, i cant wait for the movie to come out…
Come out faster can?!?


Many photos on this post is hotlinked from random curiosity
Feel guilty of not giving credit…. so did it for everyone’s good.
The blog is interesting one. Visit if u like anime too!

Im using Eden of the East those Selacao’s ringtone for my phone… Cool izzit! LOL

Like to show off only… haiz….

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  1. keyla ^^ September 12, 2009 at 12:07 pm #

    O__O etto… you have the song Reveal the World…. OMG!
    pleease… tell me where you get it… please…or put the link to donwload…you make me a favor..

  2. joshuatly September 13, 2009 at 9:34 pm #

    i dont have… they suppose to release the ost early last month but dunno why cancelled.

  3. anonymous October 4, 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    mind if i share link…

    Eden of the East OST


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