E3 Fever!

Well, starting from yesterday (2/6/2009), im following something very “BIG” going on, its E3!
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009!

E3 2009 is the 15th Electronic Entertainment Expo held. E3 2009 is scheduled for June 2-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Quote: Wikipedia

So, i had been busy following Gamespot’s E3 twitter, watching demos and video, and not to forget all major game developers’ Press Conference!

I watch those on IGN cos previously tried gamespot’s streaming but it is sucks… xD
So in case you wanna watch any of those, here is the link:

I had watched Sony’s press conference 1st since im an PSP owner, and wanted to know more about the NEW PSP on the coming october, PSP GO!

And not to forget upcoming games!
I get some interesting one from there like Little Big Planet, GT, DFF, etc etc…

And more interesting news is all PSP 2000 is fully hacked and can play ISO games (downloaded pirated games)…
Of cos this is not announced by sony in E3 but by hackers on PSP news site!
PSP3000? I think it is coming pretty soon and can run all sorts of ISO games soon…
So respect alot those hackers who make games playable by everyone!

Other than PSP, Sony had created many WOW effect on E3 press conference included new FF XIII and FFXIV online… And also new GT, God of war, some interesting new games etc!
All these makes me wanna play it so much! wakaka

After that, i watched EA’s conference and Nintendo’s one watch until half (cos doesnt seems like much things that interest me)…
But i will continue watch it later and also for the rest!

More to go and more to know! So i will be very busy surfing the net these days and give a break to my blog…

Lets enjoy e3ing!


p/s: Image credit:
PSP GO! Image : news.cnet.com


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  1. Ah Hong June 5, 2009 at 11:37 pm #

    Wow…new PSP looks cool leh 😉

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