Droid oh Droid

If i want to get a new phone,now, DROID is the one!
You heard of it? Motorola Droid!
Its so cool! It sososososo…. COOL! SEXY!

Recently read too much about it till i cant control myself to get one. But luckily the thing is, i dont have money! Hehe
It got a super huge 3.7″ WVGA screen,
Super slim and sexy body,
Fast brain (oh, processor i mean)
Big brain (this time i mean for storage =p) 16GB internal, 32GB expandable.
A full QWERTYU keyboard
“capable” for multitouch (till now still now working out of the box)
5mpx camera with LED flash (too obvious my N82 is better but too obvious this one wins iPhone a lot)
Run on android, of cos! (Google FTW)
And does a lot of things iPhone doesnt, like the ads below:

But AT&T and iPhone fight back with these:

Interesting fight right!?!
But im gonna get a Droid before iPhone anyway
(I knew iPhone is much more powerful after jailbreak, but slowly Droid does too, without taking the risk to jailbreaking!)

anyway, this is IF i got money to do so.
Anyone see this phone in Malaysia yet?
Whats the price tag?
Where do u see that?
I will surely go and have a look and hands on!

Just knew that the Motorola DROID is not available on GSM (yet, and maybe)
So i doubt it will be coming to Malaysia officially, or by unlocking phone that soon…..
Sad Sad sob sob

Look for more Droid’s info?



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