Do u had a dream the was worse than a nightmare?
A dream that can keep you awake for few hours after that?
Oh my gosh! I just get that dream, AGAIN!
Its not the 1st time i had such dream, i think the last time i had that was when i was in primary school.
At primary school that time i used to had this dream that worse than nightmare quite frequent, more frequent esp when i was sick (Like now, i was sick too!)

Whats the dream about?
Its something like a little child can choose what to learn and what not to learn result to a big trouble for the earth….
WALAU! How come i will have this kind of dream de? so Sci-Fi style!
And… it resulted to i cant sleep properly for the next few hours!

OK, relax, just pray and sleep.
ok, relax, just pray and sleep…….

Good night to all!
Hope i will NEVER encounter this dream AGAIN in my life!
And hope i will recover soon from my sickness!


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