2.35AM 30 July 2010

I cannot sleep. Probably because of i slept too much just now (i have my “nap” from 4pm to 10pm)
And i have a weird dream to share, which happened while im taking my “nap” just now.

I dream that i live in another place (not bentong, not KL etc)
My house is just beside the beach…..
War is going to happened really soon…
Someone give me a super car (a car which can become a boat when you drive into water)
And also a boat made out of canvas, but strange enough when folded its small enough to into my pocket.
Then there are super rocket, HUGE HUGE rocket which can be launched anywhere in the sky (hold by two jets)
There was no loud noise generated by the rocket…

I woke up… XD

Ya, it had been a while since i got this kind of weird weird dream.
I think because of the movie Inception lah….
But i got no idea why i’ll dream about rockets etc….
It just so random…

Ah, then i also dreamed that in my dream, there is multiple layers of dreams…..
No lah joking only.
Inception meh?!?!

Really got no idea why will have such weird dream. Anyway, its not horrifying, so its fine for me.

Thats all…
I hope i can get to sleep soon since i really dont like my status now…. (being so lazy and unproductive)
Just go to sleep and be productive later ok can?!?

OK Have your nice day!



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