TTPlayer 5.7 Beta 1 Released Download(千千静听5.7Beta1版发布下载)

Link To Most Updated Version of TTPlayer Download

OK, I just checked TTPlayer’s official website just now, and discover that their page had been updated and there is a new beta version!

ttplayer 5.7 beta 1

更新功能: ChangeLog:
1、新增下载管理面板,支持多任务下载及管理; Added Download Manager Function
2、优化缓存策略,在线听歌更加流畅; Improved Cache Function, Make Online Streaming Better
3、右键菜单一键报错,轻松甩掉错误歌曲资源; Right Click Bug Report
4、修改其它小BUG Fix Minor Bug

下载链接 Download Link:

Remember to NOT install anything extra.
I dont have time to make screenshot at this moment, please check this post. I think its quite similar.

Check it out!


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