DJ MAX Portable 3 Teaser Trailer

OMG Here is the DJ Max Portable 3 trailer which the release date haven’t been announced yet. New game will feature new system, new play style, and also new mix of songs!
Anyway, this game will be on PSP only. 🙂
This is the best game series and i liked the most on my PSP.

DJ Max Portable 3 Poster

OK DJ MAX Portable 3. I guess it’ll be release real soon, if im right, the wait will be over by end of the month.
There is a trailer released, really really really cool trailer.

In the trailer, new play style and system revealed.
There is a three-track system which allow you to “JAM” the song, with various of cool mixes. As shown on the picture below, i believe to navigate to the left track or right track, joystick will be used. Its interesting!
dj max portable 3 new system

OK Done describing using words, i tell you, GO WATCH THE TRAILER (Youtube embed below… in HD too!)
You’ll liked it. More DJ MAX PORTABLE 3 News here soon! 🙂

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