DiGi Let You Speak UP! and WIN!

Im Not HAPPY with THIS
Im Not HAPPY with THAT
Im Not HAPPY with ME
Im Not HAPPY with YOU~~~

but wait, if you SPEAK UP your NOT HAPPY, DiGi WILL make YOU HAPPY!!!!

DiGi and Nuffnang had came out with one interesting contest, it is: Speak Up Malaysia!

Yeah! This contest let you voice up what you think Malaysia need to improve and you stand a chance to win fabulous prices like RM3,000 cash, new LG Cookie Touchscreen mobile phone,100 pairs of movie passes , or an iPod Shuffle!!

Yo! Cant wait to tell~

What you have to do is:

1. Snap a MMS about whatever you want to express and speak up to Malaysia in your most creative way.

2. Send your entries to 016-6029788

3. Now you are in the running to win fabulous prizes.

If you are Nuffnang’s blogger, you have EXTRA~~~
There is:

And i have a lot to tell…

Can this guy do something more interesting next time?

Streamyx cepat sikit boleh? China website tak boleh masuk…

Maxis’s iPhone too expensive, cheaper can? DiGi come make it cheaper… LOL

and many many more…

OKOK, If you want to take part in this contest, or just to read more or know more, you can visit this page:




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  1. Ah Hong June 19, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    Buy one iPhone from US, take it back and unlock+jailbreak then subscribe DiGi…hehehe

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