DiGi’s Another Lie (DiGi Twitter SMS Service)

I also got no idea why my blog had became DiGi Hate Blog already….
But im still using DiGi, cos i still think other Telco is not as best as DiGi.
Just like why im still using streamyx while its sux till max.

DigI twitter Servicecute

This service “LOOKS” Great. (Cos the bird is cute)
And i signed up once i saw that on their website

But see how DiGi treat me……

Lets have a walkthrough

1, I signed up.


2. Sign up Successful. Note the date!

Screenshot0003 Screenshot0004

*2* After finish register, i wait for my timeline tweets to arrive via SMS. Till the time i writing this post, i receive NONE OF THEM! NOT a single message for it…

3. Then I tried to send out my 1st tweet from the service.


4. But….. #FAIL

Screenshot0005 Screenshot0006

Without further waiting i called customer service. (Nope i use D’Chat instead cos i can keep a record of the conversation easily.)
And the D’Chat is not working well on Google Chrome…
OH MY GOD…. kennot type “T” and some other letters.

Below is the conversation log:

(12:31:28 pm)  Thank you for using D’Chat, a Customer Service Consultant will be with you shortly.
(12:33:04 pm)  Your chat session has started..
(12:33:17 pm)  DiGi CS:  Hi, welcome to D’Chat. My Name is GOBIDASAN. How may I assist you?
(12:33:33 pm)  DiGi CS:  Hi,I’m Gobi.How may I assist you?
(12:34:03 pm)  DiGi Customer:  hi
(12:34:06 pm)  DiGi Customer:  im joshua
(12:34:16 pm)  DiGi CS:  Hi there 🙂
(12:34:20 pm)  DiGi CS:  How may I assist you pleasE?
(12:34:22 pm)  DiGi Customer:  i would like to know about the DiGi twitter sms service
(12:34:36 pm)  DiGi CS:  Alright..
(12:34:45 pm)  DiGi CS:  How may I assist you regarding this service?
(12:34:59 pm)  DiGi Customer:  i would like to ask about the service. the charge is RM1/week right!
(12:35:19 pm)  DiGi Customer:  then whats the RM1 about? What actually do i pay for the RM1?
(12:35:21 pm)  DiGi CS:  Yes, correct
(12:35:49 pm)  DiGi Customer:  if i already sign up RM1/week, when i tweet via sms, how much do digi charge me per tweet?
(12:36:16 pm)  DiGi CS:  you will get unlimited alert messages
(12:36:42 pm)  DiGi CS:  you will not be charged per tweet..it is weekly charged.
(12:37:13 pm)  DiGi Customer:  oh. then how about the “Sending tweets and performing other Twitter featuresfrom mobile910 sen per SMS” about?
(12:37:36 pm)  DiGi Customer:  im refering to
(12:37:48 pm)  DiGi Customer:  under the Charges column
(12:38:20 pm)  DiGi CS:  ok..hold on please
(12:39:05 pm)  DiGi CS:  Sorry…the RM1 is to receive unlimited alerts..
(12:39:14 pm)  DiGi CS:  if you post, it is 10sen each
(12:41:17 pm)  DiGi Customer:  isee
(12:41:20 pm)  DiGi CS:  yes..
(12:41:24 pm)  DiGi CS:  Is there anything else I may help you with?
(12:41:26 pm)  DiGi Customer:  how is the alerts work?
(12:41:43 pm)  DiGi Customer:  how long is the interval i receive an alert?
(12:42:37 pm)  DiGi Customer:  because i signed up for it for almost 20 minutes and till now i havent receive a single alert
(12:42:48 pm)  DiGi CS:  ok..hold on please
(12:45:02 pm)  DiGi CS:  Thank you for waiting.
(12:45:42 pm)  DiGi CS:  Ok, I had checked and you should be getting the alerts if anyone related to your tweet send a message
(12:46:15 pm)  DiGi Customer:  anyone related? means those people i fllow?
(12:46:21 pm)  DiGi Customer:  *follow
(12:46:31 pm)  DiGi CS:  Yes, that is right
(12:46:36 pm)  DiGi Customer:  or those who signed up for DiGi SMS Twitter service only?
(12:47:15 pm)  DiGi CS:  that person is under your twitter friends list
(12:47:17 pm)  DiGi Customer:  but at the moment, i have at least 2 new update tweets from my friends every 3 minutes….. i recieved them at my twitter and tweetdeck but not digi sms service
(12:47:44 pm)  DiGi Customer:  and just now i try to send a tweet, they say invalid command and call me to register…
(12:48:16 pm)  DiGi Customer:  and digi already charged me RM1 for the registration for 1 week
(12:48:27 pm)  DiGi Customer:  oh no DiGi….. had you did this right?
(12:50:45 pm)  DiGi CS:  ok..may I know when you registered the service?.
(12:51:44 pm)  DiGi Customer:  wait.
(12:51:46 pm)  DiGi CS:  Sure..
(12:52:49 pm)  DiGi Customer:  24/04/2010 12:24PM Message details: RM1.00 Successful Registration. Fee: RM1.00/week. Content is Free.Renewal 01052010. To cancel, send STOP tw to 2000
(12:53:26 pm)  DiGi CS:  Thanks
(12:54:03 pm)  DiGi CS:  Alright, I will do a report regarding this service and request the relevant department to check further. They will revert to you within 24hrs time on the updates.
(12:54:07 pm)  DiGi CS:  Sorry for the inconveniences.
(12:55:17 pm)  DiGi Customer:  means they will call me?
(12:55:51 pm)  DiGi CS:  Yes, that is right
(12:55:54 pm)  DiGi Customer:  then can i unsubscribe now and get back all the money? cos im sick of this.
(12:57:00 pm)  DiGi CS:  We need to check first..and then if there is issues we will refund your amount.
(12:57:44 pm)  DiGi Customer:  There SURE IS an issue cos the service didnt work out as they had prommoted in the website
(12:59:51 pm)  DiGi CS:  ok..will check accordingly
(1:00:57 pm)  DiGi CS:  Is there anything else I may help you with?
(1:01:01 pm)  DiGi Customer:  OK. i hope will get the call within 24 hours time.
(1:01:11 pm)  DiGi CS:  Alright
(1:01:15 pm)  DiGi CS:  Thank you for using D’Chat and have a nice day 🙂
(1:01:28 pm)  DiGi Customer:  cos last time when the customer service say they made a report for me and say the same thing, ended up i didnt get a single call on the next 3 days till now
(1:02:24 pm)  DiGi CS:  I had sent the report and also highlighted the issue.So, once it is checked you will get a call for the updates.
(1:02:40 pm)  DiGi Customer:  ok. i hope i can get my refund asap. this thing is not fun.
(1:02:42 pm)  DiGi Customer:  ok thanks bye
(1:02:54 pm)  DiGi Customer:  you will see this conversation on my blog soon.
(1:02:56 pm)  DiGi CS:  You’re welcome’
(1:03:02 pm)  DiGi CS:  Thank you for using D’Chat and have a nice day 🙂
(1:03:05 pm)  Thank you and have a nice day.

You read it?
And the CS of DiGi as well clear some of my questions about this service.

Basically this service charge you RM1/week for sending you sms when u receive a tweet in your timeline (BUT THE CAKE IS A LIE)
And charging you RM0.10 per tweet you send out via SMS (Which is another lie!)

Time to do some maths. (And assume everything work well)
Cost to send a tweet via DiGi Twitter SMS Service is RM0.10 + RM1.00 per week
Cost to send a tweet via GladlyCast is also RM0.10 (For DiGi Prepaid Customer) and RM0/06 for DiGi Prepaid Campus customers.

So if you dont need to check your tweet every single second (While the promise is a lie, means u dont got to do so anyway), why dont use GladlyCast? Its much more cheaper!



GladlyCast: the service is free but u pay for the bill to SMS to a maxis number.
Thats all!

Forget about the DiGi Twitter SMS Service.
Its a lie.
Website screenshot below (Click to enlarge)

DigI twitter Service


I <3 and HATE DiGi

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6 Responses to DiGi’s Another Lie (DiGi Twitter SMS Service)

  1. William April 26, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    Wait, as far as I can see (& read), DiGi didn’t ‘promised’ you anything, nor did they renege on anything. how is this a lie?

    • joshuatly April 26, 2010 at 10:26 am #

      if you read the conversation, i supposed to receive sms whenever my twitter timeline is updated right?
      But i didnt receive any. and they say i can tweet via SMS. but i cant do so.

  2. Irhas Koh April 28, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    If you want the tweet via sms thingy so badly, you can try other option. v-club.com – offer the feature you looking for, not free tho, but it works… or even better try 2gthr.com free sms post to ur twitter and fb too. hmmm i think celcom got the rm1/week too, i think my gf used it, not sure what it called tho.

    • joshuatly April 28, 2010 at 11:46 pm #

      vclub is expensive.
      and i still prefer gladlycast.
      u can try it too!

  3. Irhas Koh April 28, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    oh, did they call you already?

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