Crazy week ahead

crazy week

Here i am, sitting at starbucks, drinking java chip and super tired.
I dont want to go back to my hostel till 8 or 9pm. Cos the internet at my hostel rosak d.
Not actually is my internet rosak but my router rosak.
What a sad story.
The router suddenly do not broadcast the SSID properly lead to no internet access.
Worse still the router and modem is locked ini a box, and i fail to open it and see whats wrong with it.
Nevermind, hopefully someone will fix it tomorrow.

This week will be a super crazy week.
Unlike last two weeks (MOSC week), this week will be even more wild, more interesting!
Let me share a bit with you all.

Start with today, i just went to hackerspace kl for the 3rd unix class, playing with commands and understand how unix works is super fun thing to do. Thanks dr suresh who kind enough to share all his knowledge! He fetch me to hackerspace kl too! What a nice guy!
anyway, most of the g33kz are nice right!

Tomorrow i will went to my uni to register for my 2nd year course! Yay, im in!
luckily my result is not too bad to let me in for 2nd year. Huh! Must study harder starting from next month!
I plan to go to KLCC to visit petrosains if i got time…

Tuesday and Wednesday is the Open web asia SEA 2010. You got to check it out if u got time, and attend it!
Im not sure if im in the mood to liveblog the event, but im sure the event will be awesome!
Check my blog post for more info about open web asia sea 2010

Thursday will be a rest day for me, if i cant make it to KLCC tomorrow, maybe i’ll go on Thursday.

Friday. Google DevFest 2010 at TPM.
Google is taking their step into malaysia… It’ll be interesting.
Check it out here.
You can register using the link above too! I doubt it’ll be full house, and im sure it will be some thing that interesting you, HTML5, apps, or google freebies? LOL

Plus throughout the weekend (friday night till sunday night), i will have a church class teaching about 人/罪论 by 李健安牧师. Super cool class and now only i realized that i dont have money to pay for the class. And i think im sure i will spend all my money in my pocket now before friday…. then i’ll be dead, eating shit and sleeping under the bridge, or beside the highway, or die in the middle of the road…
PAPA….. money please?

Then next week i’ll be home enjoying my PS3 for the last (one or two) week(s) before my new semester start!
Oh…. i’ll again get another batch of PSN PS3 games soon, tonight or tomorrow…
so much games…. 🙂 So many money spent 🙁
plus dunno my bro want to help me pay for those games or not de…. so sad having brother like this….

Crazy week ahead. i gotta have more rest, have more fun and have some super crazy part.


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