Conversation About MJ (RIP MJ)

Actually i not much a big fans of MJ, but i get the news of cos…

May him RIP

Below is some conversation about MJ that not making any sense… LOL

A: Wei, MJ you know MJ?
B: Eh? MJ”
A: Neh, that one ah, Michael Jackson know Michael Jackson?
B: Oh! Michael Jackson ah… Who woh?
A: =.=
A: Neh that one very geng de ah… Black can become white de ah.
B: Oh oh… that one! Why?
A: Die liao…
B: Har? What die liao?
A: Michael Jackson die liao!!!
B: Oh! None of my business mah…
A: =.=
B: Wei, but he very famous de hor, so everybody very sad loh!
A: Ya loh, everybody is sad…
B: But why you look more happy than sad?
A: =.=
B: And why he die de ah?
A: Some sort of heart attack.
B: Oh! Call him not to suka suka change his skin de colour de lah!
A: Ya lo ya lo
B: But related to heart attack meh?
A: =.=
B: Eh, OH!!! I know why he will heart attack die de lah.
A: Why?
B: Cos oh he get heart attach when he look himself into the mirror when he woke up yesterday…
A: Oh! Got meaning too hor…
B: Haha. see i know him very well
A: =.= Dont action action la
B: Aiya, not action lah, biasa sahaja
A: ……
A: Later i gotta download all his songs, see why he got so much fans around the world.
B: People just die you go and download his song illegally….
A: Those alive one i aslo download their songs illegally lah!
B: Eh, ya hor. But from where you download woh?
A: Internet lah. There people sure got gather all his album and put for download! Wakaka, gotta clean my disc space ready for that 1st.
B: Hm… seems internet de people do things very efficient de.
A: Not only internet de people, the Sony BMG also do things very fast de.
B: Why you say so?
A: See! (Refer to this link). Less than one day people die already ready to publish an album liao.
B: Wow… So geng… Seems like they know he is going to die very soon… everything is prepared.
A: Ya loh. And it will be selling in shop on the 30th June!
B: Wow! Geng.
A: See can make money from dead people.
B: Ya loh… dunno MJ will go to heaven or hell meh?
A: Is this your business meh?
B: Ya, this one is my business. Cos i wanna know later if i die where i should go in order to meet MJ mah…
A: =.=

This lame conversation continues endlessly…

RIP MJ. I will listen to your songs starting from now… (wei, finish download liao meh?) Havent woh…


6 Responses to Conversation About MJ (RIP MJ)

  1. chyan June 26, 2009 at 11:31 pm #

    lol. the conversation sound pretty typical malaysian reaction. XD

    • joshuatly June 27, 2009 at 9:35 am #

      Yea. Proud to be malaysian!

  2. Sunny June 27, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

    Malaysia boleh!!!!

  3. Ah Hong June 28, 2009 at 8:00 am #

    Hahaha, very funny conversation especially on the Sony part. MJ is our legend in the 80’s 😉

  4. rochelle July 8, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    mam i am so sad abouy mj

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