Choose your Surrogates

Today i went to movie with two of my “cute” roommates! LOL
This is the 1st time i went to movie with them, and it is kind of enjoying lah (*But i doubt they enjoy it since im the one who bringing them walking around to some place they probably dont want to go*)


So how’s the movie?
OK, it is very nice movie, i like the concept.
I wish i can get myself a surrogates which can have a more hamsem look, and i can jump from 18 floor to the road to go to school (No need to wait for the lift! LOL)

The movie is enjoying (but i dunno why my course mate was sleeping throughout the movie and also included the climax part =.=) but i had been a little bit fedup on the ending there (since we can actually expect what kind of ending the story will have)

So overall, 7/10!

Go see fast if u like Sci-Fi movies!

Trailer in case u havent watched it!


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