Choir 2008:Choir Unsorted (1)

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Warning, This post contains videos/pictures that required broadband. Page will load a bit slow if you dont have a fast enough internet connection. Flash should be enabled in order to view the video.

Just get some pics and videos to share with you all, about choir trip to Pekan and choir meeting in school… Haha

As stated in the previous post, we cannot tahan the hostel in the school, then we decided to find a better place to sleep for that night in Pekan town. On our way to the town, what we do? We eat, chat, laugh, and also sing!
Here is my friend taken the video using hand phone, so the quality is not good loh, but in case you didnt see this video before, here i share it. You will able to download from Google Video Directly! Click the Google video button and choose Go to Google Video!

This is the link in case the video player dont load here:

But at last we ended up by stay inside the hotel hostel also… too bad. If you dont know what is happening, please read this post!

And still remember, our group photo i posted before this, my hand is blocking my face! At last i manage to get a better version…


Then, let me introduce to you all: The team who get no 1 for the competition: [read more]

FuYoh! Gaya betul semua, esp for the primary school group, our Bentong team done pretty well! Well, i can say, 90 marks for you all! (as i dont give 100 marks cos no one is prefect! Haha, dont ask me why!) You watch the video then you will know! Proud of you all! Next time i think you all will win for the secondary group one! For Bentong!

I will upload the Kuantan Group singing at the coming post [Choir Unsorted (2)] together with our Bentong primary and secondary school singing…, so check it out later ya!


Then update for the prize-giving post.

Nothing much then, since that time i havent get any photo yet, and now i do, so i post up one photo, “interesting” one, showing their responce…

Lets see:
As you can see, they are SO “Happy” with it…..
Must be crazy… lol


And also some photos and a video taken at the choir meeting held every two weeks in school, who all choir members will gather and sing.
But straightly speaking, im NOT a member of choir team, im just joining them to the competition…. SO you will see, at that time, our pianists will be:


Im actually the member of Chinese society, but that day i just too boring to stay at Chinese Society there, so i visit them sometimes… Haha, but too bad, when the time i visit them, they already taken the photo for the majalah… Too bad, although i “help” (dunno should i say help or spoil the whole thing…) them to get no 2 in the competition… but im not in the photo…

Anyway, here is the photo:

Our teacher in the middle, cikgu azman, is a really good and kind teacher, haha… we are always happy with him, as if like he is our friend… What a good teacher…

Before i forget, here is the video. Hui Ru and Hui Bing are leading the choir team to sing the song: 我的骄傲 挥着翅膀的女孩 [thanks for Hui Ru correct me about that mistake] when our ketua, Jia En is playing the piano for them… Well, im not there at that time, sb else take this video, using camera also, so the quality also not so good lah. aiya, just for fun only mah!

This is the link in case the player didnt load properly here:

So, thats the end of part one of this post.
Part two will be also videos coming. Video of the competition, we and Kuantan team singing… Haha… Coming soon…

Topic that you can share with us: Do you joined choir before, or how is your school choir?


p/s: When the time i write this post, when i published the video to my blog, the video player didnt load as usual. Please report to me if you face the same problem. The case that i cant load the video is most probably because of my internet connection problem.

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2 Responses to Choir 2008:Choir Unsorted (1)

  1. Jia En Grace July 3, 2008 at 11:54 pm #

    Thanks 4 loading up those videos…
    I didn’t know tat there was a video in the bus…
    aiyo…our face so…..dunno lar…..
    who recorded tat video ah ??

    i oso didn’t know who recorded the koko-time one..
    “see me fly…i want to fly up high…”
    haha….anyway…u r welcome to join our choir anytime….
    i wun chase u out…

    wat i want 2 say is :
    The choir wun b tat interesting,funny and happy without u form sis guys… u all really brought a lot of laughter in the team….
    Thank u and sorry if i am serious sometimes…

  2. admin July 4, 2008 at 1:52 pm #

    @Jia en,
    Haha, i uploaded them just for fun, and since nobody request me to take them down, then fine! Let everyone “enjoy” it…
    i also have no idea who recorded it, probably sunny or dunno lah.
    haha, becoz we form 6 guys are TOO crazy…
    and serious at the correct time is needed. and you need to “control” us sometimes!

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