Choir 2008:Choir prize-giving day!

Today is the “Prize Giving Day” for our choir competition…
Since we get naib johan, but we come back home with NOTHING!
No prize, no sijil, NOTHING at all!
Everything our choir group get is still a mistery, other than sijils, that havent printed our name up there, so we dont get, and we also get a BOX…. we call that “Sea Master” box. haha,coz the size of the box is exactly like the mineral water sea master’s box!

At 1st we want to unpack the box on monday de… but we all form 6 say we unpack, then those form 5 one also say they also want to do so! SO, we all decided to unpack it only at today, and everyone got a chance to do so! Haha…

Lets see what we get:

This is what we get for choir competition naib johan

Whats inside it? continue reading:

Today is the day of kokurikulum, then everyone gather together and unpack our prize. At 1st we expact something quite interesting, at least a bottle of Sea Master mineral water is surprising enough! Haha…
But you see, we get this:
This is what we get for choir competition naib johan

Seriously, a bit disappointed when looking at this, everyone get one, got blue, green, yellow, red colours!
And there are something inside! Lets see what is inside…

I expected inside got something like some Pilot pen, branded highlighter, high quality 2B pen,an eraser or something like that, but what we get are:

Peek Inside

A pink colour winnie the pooh ruler

Some lauzy mechenical pencils, pens, (that some is no more ink) p/s: dunno is no ink or the ink kering ady….
A sharpener, got a sticker written 环保冰箱 (environmental-friendly refrigerator)

WALAU! i think this is more suitable for Sekolah Rendah de……. or kindergarten de…
Lets see that they got give us the wrong one or not… hehe
Printed Tempat Kedua...

Nope, correct, Sekolah Menengah!
Tempat Kedua….

Wait, there are something wrong with the pen:

assf hockey pahang m'sia 2003?

They written down: Assf Hockey Pahang Malaysia 2003.
2003? Do i read wrongly!!?!?

Nope, it is 2003.
Means his pen is very valuable… 5 years history ady! Can put it into the museum! Haha

WTF, give us cheap cheap de thing also nevermind, give us things that u all dun want ady de?
Go and die lah! Cheap 到死!丕视你!

then i need to think about what i can do with the “pencil box”.
Maybe i can do this:

Usage: Put PSP

Put my psp inside to avoid sopt check in school! Haha, since i got bring my PSP to school sometimes!

We go kuantan and sing so well for what? For a cheap pencil box, cheap pens, and so on…
Walau A!

Still waiting for my sijil…. i think got two sijil i will get.
I think the only thing we are getting for what we had done is only the sijil, and the kokurikulum marks!

Haiz… they cant think of something that are suitable for us…..




9 Responses to Choir 2008:Choir prize-giving day!

  1. Yu Xuan June 18, 2008 at 10:53 pm #

    hahaha….call kapten pengawas check your pencil box…waahhahaha…aiyor…what you want? pilot pen??!! do you think they will treat you all so good?? hahaha….appreciate the no-ink pen lar…wahahaha…

  2. shian June 18, 2008 at 10:55 pm #

    the prize really见不得人
    cheap,useless,like clearance stock free gift
    u didnt aim for prize when u took part,
    so congratulation for ur tempat kedua,
    at least u hav a psp to accompany u

  3. Cyren June 19, 2008 at 2:26 am #

    Ola nuffnanger!!!

    Back when I was in a choir and when we won first place, the prizes weren’t that good either.

    That’s why you should always take part in solo-singing competitions instead. Somehow they can “afford” to give you more stuff. I remember my prize for 3rd place for some singing competition was RM500!!!

    But as we all singers know, we take part not so much for the win, but for the chance to perform! And it’s not just loser talk!!! LOL!

    PEACE OUT and Congrats

  4. admin June 19, 2008 at 10:56 am #

    @Yu Xuan: Come la Come lah! Hahaha… i…. REALLY appreciate my no ink pen by getting the pen now end up in the rubbish bin! Haha

    @Shian: Ya, if i got no PSP with me… then i think i rater stay in my house than go pekan for nothing! LOL/

    @Cyren: At 1st i also hope for getting cash for the whole tim, at least we can go and makan… but… we get RM 0 for it! Haha, belanja also use the club’s fund! Kesian betul!

  5. bing June 19, 2008 at 6:08 pm #

    yalor, i also took that pencilbox. mine is green of course also very ugly, don’t take green color want .once you will very menyesal.your brother take which color?

  6. admin June 19, 2008 at 6:13 pm #

    well, my bro take red de… hahaha
    you dont choose meh?

  7. Jia En Grace June 20, 2008 at 6:25 pm #

    Really…sing so well 4 wat ??
    practice hard 4 months..ended up taking pencil cases wit KINDERGARTEN STUFFS…..
    Probably, kinders oso doesn’t like it
    Know y ??? The kinders r getting SOOOOO IN !!!!!
    Following the trend of the WORLD …
    Rite ????

    Rather get a sea master than these stuuuuufffffsss…
    Just notice tat those pen do not have INK !!!
    Surprise !!!! NO INK !!!!
    We r thinking on how to celebrate….
    Maybe go on a trip
    OR ????
    Just eat at KFC !!! Dull stuff !!!
    Whaddayya think ??

    Probably v will get everyone a present…
    but dunno wat u all like…
    haiz….gimme ideas….
    All these ideas r frm 1/4 of my brains
    1/4 of Yvonne’s brains
    1/4 of Kivee’s brains
    1/4 of Siu Shan’s brains

    Plz…tel me wat do u think….
    gotta tel Cikgu Azman…

  8. Jia En Grace June 20, 2008 at 6:27 pm #

    At least…
    u all get beautiful colours…
    Guess Wat ??
    I took the yellow one…
    Weird colour….


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