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Story continue from this post which is related to this post.
Haha, again about choir thing… i think my blog can become “official blog” of choir club in school… lolz…
But anyway, my “work” at choir i think should end ady… haiz… so say bye bye to the choir smk sulaiman 2008, and this should be the 2nd last post i write about choir…
Except that we are request to perform again, then maybe pic gallery again! Haha.

Before you read this post, make sure you read this post so that you know whats going on…

We are all there at Dewan Majilis Perbandaran Bentong to have our raptai on 3pm…
What a boring day.
As expected, we need to wait wait wait wait wait… until my hair also become white in colour, only they want to start the full raptai. Haiz…

As usual, what we do is playing around, playing with hand phone, chatting, crazy around, and including kacau-ing ppl, and that day Ramdan become the one who kena… sorry ha, i dont know you will have such a big responces! Haha…

Haiz, then practicing loh, nothing special….
The only thing is got SURPRISE somemore when practicing, they suddenly say want to change the song woh…
Ok loh, fine, im always ready with that song….
Just need a bit of practise to refresh my memory…
Haiz,change Terlalu Istimewa to Gemilang, which we sing for the competition.

And we got our nasi then i go back home and eat, we should be there again at 7.45!


When i reach there already 8.00pm but still not yet started, its easy to identify our choir team cos we are the only team people who wear all white + the red coat. Others all teachers, headmasters and principals…
We wait wait wait there for one +++++ hour, also still not yet our turn to sing… Too bad… and i should say this is normal. Because the ceremony start quite late, which is Malaysian’s style! And need to wait them to have their dinner 1st…

So while we are waiting, what do we do?
That is the time for taking photo:
Sharing photo.

And also you will see something that to prove that we learn Pendidikan Moral in the school:
Nilai Saling Bantu Membantu:

And of coz, we take photo of thacher as well as WITH teacher:

With boys and more importantly with Lang Lui of coz…

And of coz Group Photo!

And and and, of cos, chatting, laughing, and kacau-ing ppl as usual!
And we say WOW when looking at one of our member bring a big big camera DSLR man….. WOW…….
And we say WOOOOOW when looking at another member bring a what? Old Old Filem Camera…………. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I tot that kind of camera is only for kid’s toy or should be kept inside the museum ady? lolz.

When all teachers are having their dinner, what do we do?
Dinner inside the air conditioned hall…
Having buffet outside the hall…. But at least we can makan sambil bermain outside the hall…

Then after that is the time of our presentation…
Just to make sure the history didnt repeat itself, i do something to make sure i didnt play wrongly, by:
Bringing my PSP inside and put it in front of me! Haha. 型or not!

I did something like this.Making some short notes if possible… For me this is a pretty good idea. Haha, making full use of my PSP…

And lets see how we did. Is it well done?

My comment for this time’s presentation is Quite well done, better than the competition time, as well as my presentation is better, at least i can hear quite clearly what i play, but also what i hear is the 回音…
Dunno lah.

And nothing much, Im too tired so i go back immediately after singing, oh no, after i play, ya!
And the second day is really suffering, i sleep in class for the whole day almost…
Same for those Rajin class one, all sleep in class. Rajin? No, can change the name of their class from Rajin to Tidur ady…

Ok, i will post up all the photos i get when i manage to collect them all onto Picasa Web Album, same as what i did last time. So, check my blog frequently ya!

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4 Responses to Choir 2008:Choir Presentation Post

  1. Jia En Grace June 29, 2008 at 10:58 pm #

    wat a freaky day ????
    The GPK koko informed out of the blue….
    hahaha….when i was doing my physics….
    wat a freaky incident….i almost gone crazy tat moment….
    then, i got no idea on wat was happening…
    quickly go and asked her…know wat she said ??
    “petang ini ada rehearsal, pukul 3 petang. malam ini ada persembahan…persembahan koir sambutan hari guru peringkat daerah ……”

    my reaction…of coz ” APA ???? NAK NYANYI LAGI ??? ” “LAMA TAK PRACTICE OH>>>>” haha…then i screamed at the pejabat….dun care whether got ppl a not…

    Reached blok B,,,,,everybody hav no idea wat was happening….wahahaha….

    Anyway….thanks 4 writing a blog on it….
    Nice and freaky…interesting…..
    Continue ur goodwork on it….

  2. admin July 1, 2008 at 5:27 pm #

    @Jia en:haiz… not only for you but all of us!
    too bad.

  3. SEO Boot Camp July 11, 2008 at 1:02 pm #

    I enjoyed your writing style and I’ve added you to my Reader. Keep these posts coming.


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