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I need cash! I need cash!
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Hahaha, very happy, today is the day I had been waiting for sooooooo long…
Today choir again have a short meeting after the assembly. I had been wondering whats will be on for today?
And, teacher gives me a surprise! So she give everyone who went to the Merdeka Persembahan one towel, and RM10…
WOW! RM10 RM10 RM10.

This one comes at a very correct time because this month I “pokkai” already (means no money already loh)
Cos oh, this week I need to pay extra for tuition center STPM seminar, plus extra expenses on my server, plus plus Im going to KL for about ten times in a month,
Let me count for you:
STPM Seminar + Tuition Fees :  RM 350
Server Fees:                               RM 200
Going to KL x10:                       RM 20 x 10 times
                                                 =RM 200                         
So…… Total up:                        RM 750                           
See haiz… the STPM seminar and tuition fees are paid by my parents luckily (but my father’s business also very bad lah this month…) And expenses going to KL 2/3 are bare by my mum, and they give me pocket money RM100 for every month…
So… I need to withdraw at least RM300 out for this month uses.
At least the RM10 from choir will can help a bit… although not much, but im happy with it!
STPM still got one month, and choir BBQ event will be on tomorrow (Friday). Hope can take a lot of photos on tomorrow and post it up if got time!
Choir Choir… I think im lovin the choir club lah… Regret should join choir straight away then no need to do so many thing for Persatuan Bahasa Cina…
But PBC’s Pesta Ang Pao also let me learn a lot and have some fun…
So, haiya, join both is correct lah. Although no extra marks in kokurikulum and STPM… but at least learnt something. Haha!

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