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This, is my last post on smk sulaiman choir 2008.

Before that, let me say my last word for the choir.

These days sometimes i did things that makes you all feel bad, hurt, maybe words that hurt you…
Or maybe sometimes i didnt attend for choir practices causes inconveniences to you all…
Or sometimes things i do make you all dont comfortable, i had to say sorry, but since i dont have the courage to speak in front of you all, or i dont have this chance, so i say to you all on my blog!

And of cos, im very and super happy with you guys, sometimes we play until crazy! Ya, we all are crazy… Haha. I learn many things from you all, as well as have much fun working with you guys…
And make me sometimes regret joining chinese society, although the 迎春晚会 is also fun enough, but sometimes the activity in school is damn boring…. (sh… dont tell jie hui, i dont think she will read this… Haha, NOTE to jie hui, in case you read this, dont angry huh! Im jusk joking, serious! Im joking!)

Now is picture time! Yeah!
These pictures are taken by various photographer, of cos im not one of them cos i didnt bring any camera along with me when choir time! Too bad.

Lets see whos the photographer…
Sunny Tan
Chong Heng Yei
Loo Kok Hong
Wong Thim Cheong
Chui Siew Jin
Loo Jia En
Chong Siew Haw
Loke Yean Kee
(and some maybe i had missed out, sorry… leave a comment here if your name should be here but is not here) and this list are the acknowledged photographers for all my choir post pictures And videos also!

Photo Gallery for Choir presentation day: 25.6.2008

And Videos, these are the videos on the competition day… i always feel that the video on the day we present is better…. Haha
Miss the post, click here to read it!

Firstly is our video lah of cos:
Introduce to you all: Bentong SMK Sulaiman Choir Team 2008
Haha, but dont expect something good since i make mistakes… Read more here.
But we got no. 2! Yeah Yeah…

And then is the Kuantan Secondary school’s video.
They get no 1… too bad, for us! Haha, anyway congrats to them lah, they did really well! Really!

And Bentong Primary School also did very well! Very very interesting!
And they get no 1!
So proud of it! Haha

Ok, thats all.
And, in case you missed any choir post here, you can use this link to get them all!

So now, i think choir for this year can 瓦解 ady… OH nonono, wrong word used, should use 解散… hahaha..
But wait wait wait, Im still waiting for my sijil(s) and our trip… to make our choir team’s job really complete… Hahaha.
Yeah! At last my job in choir finish ady!

And choir next year will lead by Hui Bing and the pianist is Hui Ru. Then i wish all the best to the choir team next year lah! Hope you all can do better! And Hui Bing should be learning how to lead loh! Haha, tons of things to learn, and you sure will kena buli de… You ask jia en how she kena my buli! Actually you dont ask her you also know de lah. So you should be happy cos im not around to kacauing you! Haha. Hui Ru you can do pretty well, you can play better than me de… but dunno why jia en call me to play this year… Haha! I also dunno what will happend to choir next year.Anyway, all the best lah!

So, end lah my life in school choir, i think and start preparing for my STPM… i should stop playing liao! LOLz

p/s: And eh, my choir-mates (instead of classmates) , remember to visit my blog oh! 帮衬帮衬 lah! Haha.
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