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My Nexus S

If you read this post, I won a Nexus S from Maxis. YAY!!!
Had been playing with it for about a week plus and here is my little review for it.
Between my Nexus S and my HTC Desire Z, i decided to keep one for myself and will give one to my brother @mrtlchen (his blog). I heard you wondering which device will I give to my brother, and I think I heard quite a lot of you all guessing i will give him the Desire Z while keeping the new phone to myself. But I tell you, you are wrong.
I’m keeping the old desire z while he will get the new nexus s. I have a lots of love to the nexus s and if you continue read it, you will know why.

**psst, see, being my brother is so good, cos he got to play with my psp, ps3, and now he got an awesome phone! πŸ˜› BTW, he did great free music. Check it out here. **

The Nexus S can easily be the sexiest gadget is had ever own, and it’s the nicest android phone that you can get at this moment. The piece of big black glass at the front,with a big 4″ screen, minimal button at the side of the phone, super slim black body all these are the sign of google’s minimalistic i guess.
On,when you flip the phone around,what you can see are the big camera lense, and the silver Google logo in the middle, and Samsung logo on the bottom,  super damn sexy fuyoh!
Owning a google phone feels very good. Vanilla android is the best experience you will ever find on an android phone.  The setup is dead simple, just sign in your google account and you are done. While the phone has everything essential you need,  Gmail app and Youtube app, plus thousands more via the android market. With the latest version of Android OS on phone installed, always get the update first, makes it becomes the perfect geek and developer’s phone.

But there are small small things here and there that I don’t like about the Nexus S and they all are included in the smaller one size but much more heavier Desire Z.

1. No Camera Button.

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SEX Arc (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc)

Yesterday I was invited to the launch of Sony Ericsson Arc in MidValley The Library. It is fun!
So the story is, Maxis had partnered with Sony Ericsson to bring their latest and changgih-est phone to Malaysia, and yesterday they launch their Song Ericsson Xperia Arc. (As i would like to call their Sony Ericsson Xperia series, SEX)

Whats so special about the SEX Arc?
It has the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, and a big sexy 4.2 inch touchscreen, mind blowing 8.1 megapixel camera with Exmor R technology, Reality display with Mobile Bravia Engine, and Tri band HSPA and Quad Band EDGE.

At the event, we are introduced with the new SEX Arc and some of its super canggih function. The phone will be able to connected to the TV via a HDMI Cable, and show 720p image on your HD TV! The thing that blown me away is you will be able to control your phone using the TV Remote! Not any special tv remote, just the normal one that came with your Sony Bravia TV. Amazing right! You will be able to navigate your photo gallery using your remote! So no worry that your HDMI cable is not long enough or you need to sit in front of the tv and control your phone to show your awesome pictures to your family members.

It also shows that you all image on your phone will be able to project to your TV 1 to 1. So, they showed a youtube video played on the phone that linked to the TV, and a game playing using phone but the graphic is showed on the TV. Although i dont understand the use of the playing game and show the screen on TV part but, its a cool feature. Im not sure if you will need a Sony TV to do so, or any HDTV will do.

And one of the really cool feature of the phone is, the camera of the phone is really awesome and able to take photo under really low light. And i find the phone is really small and impressed they can fit a 1500mAh battery into such a slim phone.

And…. we got some real surprise! You saw the dancing android post i posted earlier (link) and it went really viral and even RayWilliamJohnson picked it up after i posted my blog post :P.
Sony Ericsson was kind enough and “import” the dancing droid to the show! OMG!!!!!
And of cos the andoid dance in front of us and the VIP.

Dancing Android in Malaysia from joshuatly on Vimeo.

BUT! i manage to take a photo with the dancing droid πŸ˜›
Joshuatly & Dancing Android

OK the price,
its exclusive to Maxis for one month, the price will be as listed below.
Retail Price: RM 2099
with Maxis 12 month contract: RM 1749
with Maxis 18 month contract: RM 1599
with Maxis 24 month contract: RM 1499

Some early impression of the phone, other than some of the feature above, the phone is really slim and can fit into any pocket, especially if you like to wear jeans. And with Gingerbread 2.3 it should be quite fast. The skin on top of it is still OK IMO.
I noticed that the search button is missing, hmm… thats the problem of the android “fragmentation”.
Overall, if you like this, go ahead and get it.

Or if you want to read more review of the phone, head to or click here here here here and here.

Oh not forget to mention, other than the phone, you will also get the accessories below worth RM429 if you get it with maxis package:
Hi-Fi wireless headset with FM Radio (MW600)
In-Car charger (AN401)
HDMI Cable
Screen Protector

Check out the Maxis Booth at MidValley throughout the weekend (till 10 April), and you can see, touch or lick the phone and do anything you want to it before consider to buy it or not.

With this partnership of Maxis and Sony Ericsson, you can expect more of Sony Ericsson’s phone will be subsidized along with Maxis package, and im looking forward to SEX Play (the PSP Phone).
Thanks Maxis and Sony Ericsson for the invitation to the event, and BTW, congrats to Chapree for winning a brand new Song Ericsson Xperia Arc.



The Google Nexus S and My Google Nexus S

On last Friday (18/03/2011), Im at Pavillion for the Nexus S launch! And, yes, you can get YOUR Google Nexus S now with Maxis.

Just in case you cant tell from the name, Google Nexus S is the next Google phone after Nexus One. Unlike Nexus One that manufactured by HTC, Nexus S manufactured by Samsung!

Im so glad that Maxis brought this phone in, and all the geeks, gadget guys, and developers out there wont need to get it from grey market and worry about the warrenty.

Sexy Google Nexus S

You see that? Sexy piece of hardware with the latest version of Google Android.

But in my opinion, Nexus One do looked much more sexier that Nexus S. Im just sayin.

Some features that BLOWN ME AWAY!

    Always first to get latest Android OS
    FREAKING 16GB Internal Memory
    1 GHz Superpowerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor, OMGCANDO3DSUPERGOOD PowerVR SGX540 GPU, Hummingbird chipset
    4 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
    5mp camera, and also a VGA front facing camera, where you can take super emo picture or use to check your hair
    NFC aka Near Field Communications although i doubt it will be useful in Malaysia for the near future
    Slim & Sexy Body

OK, lets look at the price:
Recommended Retail Price is RM2499
If you get a package from Maxis, it will be starting from RM1499 (24 months contract), RM1699 (18 months contract) and RM1799 (12 months contract)
More info here.

Some of the pictures of the launch:

Jean-Pascal van Overbeke, Maxis’ Chief Operating Officer and Yu Jai Sul, Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ Managing Director launch the revolutionary Google Nexus S, the new jewel in Maxis’ extensive range of Android devices.

There is a place for you to test out the NFC, and probably the only place you can play with your new awesome Nexus S.

Some of my comments about the new Google Nexus S. Yea, i got some time to play around with it at the launch.
First, the camera looks good, at least better than my Desire Z i think. And i think Samsung did make some great hardware esp camera.
But… no camera button.
Awesome big 4 inch screen, but i predict poor battery life. Anyway, smartphone, you gotta bring a battery back with you.
Got a big Google logo behind the phone. hehe.
No SD card slot. So if you used all the 16GB in the phone, you are screwed. No chance for you to swap memory card or something like that.

And now is some drama time πŸ˜›
Im going there knowing probably i wont be the #maxis10 for Nexus S, but still interested to see and hold and play with the phone, and as i predicted, yea, i didnt get that. Anyway, i saw the 10 people that get the maxis10, they are super awesome. So follow the hashtag #maxis10 for some awesome review.
But the next thing you know, OMG OMG OMG OMG i won a phone, Google Nexus S from the lucky draw! Super lucky lah!
And… when i open the box after i get it from the stage, there is no phone inside LOL, and they say they will get it to me soon lah.
Hmm… waiting waiting….
my pic:

Me, getting my Google Nexus S (box) (source)

Cant wait to get my phone and do a review of it.
From what i can see, if you want a pure Google Android experience, this is your phone!!!
Go to your nearest Maxis center and get it NAO!
If you want to wait and see whats the review, see the maxis10 one or wait for me to get the phone πŸ™‚



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