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O2Jam U (O2Jam Ultimate) For iOS Devices | O2Jam U Review

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O2Jam U iOS Download LogoO2JAM is now available for iOS!

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O2Jam U Review

After a long wait, iOS user finally can get their real o2jam fix. (THIS doesnt really count).
O2Jam U for iOS developed by momo corp After O2Jam Analog developed by NHN CORP which only available for Android (Google Play Store), the iOS users get their fix for O2Jam from Momo Corp.
I got the game one day earlier to try it out thanks to the O2Jam Global facebook group and here is my review for the game.
This game is NOT an android port for iOS, but from what I can see is a completely new project, feature completely new UI but same core gameplay as O2Jam Analog.
Same as O2Jam Analog on Android, it has a freemium model, the game/app itself is free, and there are songs that are free to play, and some will cost you in game currency to play each time.
O2Jam U for iOS Splash Screen
O2Jam U features an interesting new UI, and as the game just launch today (18th May 2012), the song selection is rather limited (16 songs at the time of posting, 5 of them are free).
The gameplay is great on my latest generation of iPod Touch and feel smooth. The unique “sliding” mechanism works well and thats the one reason I love playing on my Android phone. I do believe the note sheet is the same with O2Jam Analog, and the Jam Combo system provide another “risk reward” mechanism to the game as you will lose 1x of you jam combo when you miss 2 or 3 notes.
Game modes, the same 2,4 and 5 key modes, and each song has easy, normal and hard difficulties. There is also no Game Over for light user.
Each song also has their own unique leaderboard, so hardcore O2Jamer, ready to fight for the 1st place on the leaderboard?
Other than the normal Landscape mode for the gameplay, it has a Portrait mode too. Not really helping when you are on iPhone or iPod, but I will imagine it will come handy for iPad users.
The game looked really promising, and I can see myself investing a lot of time and money on the game. Although the game account is NOT compatible with Android version, (if you pay on Android version, you will maintain and pay again for the iOS version) but its still fun and not many people will play on both version.
One more cons about this first version is I dont see any way for you to change your in game name. Well, I guess you will either need to stick with what number you get, or they will implement the function later.

You can learn more about the game after the break where I include many screenshots of the actual game.

O2Jam U for iOS Song List

O2Jam U for iOS Music Select Screen
The music list for the launch version 1.0 are as follow:
1. Invitation by Zeron
2. Do You Know? by S.I.D_Sound
3. Revival On by Warak
4. Hide & Seek by S.I.D_Sound
5. Whistle by Warak
6. Wind, Please Stop Blowing by Warak
7. A Christmas Memory by Warak
8. Weakness Heart by Warak
9. Wonderland (Adventure Mix) by Warak & Jinny
10. V3 by BeautifulDay
11. A Little Dream by M2U
12. Gypsy Tronic by M2U
13. The Raven by Aura(JH)
14. Direct Injection by Aura(IV)
15. Visual Dream II (in Fiction) by S.I.D_Sound
16. Black Swan by Zeron

O2Jam U Gameplay Video

O2Jam U for iOS Screenshots

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Fiber by P1 OH YEAH! NO FUP Quota YET.

As more and more people talking about fiber network, how good is Unifi… now we have another competitor.
Other than Maxis Fiber Service and TM Unifi, P1 Fiber is the latest competitor in this FTTH service. From what I can see, the plan is very competitive and interesting!

If Im not wrong, P1 Fiber is riding on TM’s fiber infrastructure. But what makes P1 Fiber plan outstanding is the 2 in 1 package which offer both mobile internet (Wimax or they so called 4G) and fixed line fiber internet. Although Maxis do offer something similar, but their plan has mobile internet as an add on to the fixed line package, which makes it more expensive compared to P1 Fiber.

All P1 fiber plan has 2 years contract, modems are provided (rental) for free.
And when asked them about the Fair Usage Policy for fiber plan, they replied:

FUP Quota has not yet been implemented at this point of time but P1 reserves the rights to
start implementing the FUP Quota when we felt it’s necessary to ensure fair usage among our

And about what will happened IF FUP quota is reached, they replied:

Once the quota is reached, P1 will throttle the speed to 400kbps. However, it is not being
implemented at this point of time.

Basically P1 will be covering 3 major areas, mainly Penang, Johor & Klang Valley. For more specific up to which street is covered, check here

I myself WILL BE subscribing to P1 Fiber plan (OnePlan 169). Still waiting for P1 to contact me. I am very much excited for this, hopefully will have it installed within this month. And by the time I have the service, will post some details including speedtest soon. πŸ˜€

If you have any questions or anything need clarification that you dont get from the P1 site or customer service crew, can try to leave a comment and I will ask for you πŸ˜€



Day 0 With Galaxy Nexus: NEW PHONE!

NEW PHONE! I just got myself a new phone!!! Its Galaxy Nexus!
Instead of doing a boring long review of the phone, why dont I write how i uses my new phone everyday.
Below recorded my first 24 hours with my new phone, Galaxy Nexus.

Maybe I should start about getting the phone. I’ve been wanted to get the phone for a very long time, I started talking about it since last year, and last semester. But isnt till recently Samsung brought the phone to Malaysia, and also when the AP phone dont cost RM2400 anymore. When the phone first released (on DiGi and then Celcom), I planned to get the phone via DiGi from their DG48 plan (along w/ 1 year contract). The cost of the phone along with a 1 year data plan is about RM 2300, affordable I can consider. From that time I knew I will buy for that plan, I just need to wait for a good time.
Im thinking probably after CNY since I got my ang pao money by then, but soon after that only I’ve discover that DIGI HAD NO LONGER OFFER THAT PLAN!!! WTFOMGBBQDIELOHME!

It made me quite sadding for a while, then I start hunting for deals online. By the time I wanted to order the phone, then only I found out that the WHOLE KL GALAXY NEXUS is OUT OF STOCK!!!
I paid for deposit ordering from a forumer from lowyat (his thread here, good guy), but since he has no stock, I’ve had to wait till yesterday (sunday) till I get the phone. I’ve waited for so long that I started to PM/SMS him every day, and annoy the hell out of him. Haha, luckily he is a very nice guy and dont get mad at me πŸ˜€
And yesterday I went to his place to pick out the phone!
(Send from Path)


Briefly, my first 24 hours experience with my lovely new phone!

OMG Galaxy Nexus is SIBEH BIG! If compared to my Desire Z. Pic below.
Galaxy Nexus MONSTER BIG (Compared to Desire Z)
The screen looked REALLY AWESOME!

BUT! 4.65 inch screen, thats FREAKING HUGE! Even with my big palm, I can barely reach the top right of the screen if im holding it with my left hand (operate with one hand is kind of…. too big). I cant even imagine how am I going to use Galaxy Note =.=
And, even thou the screen is amazing, the matte screen protector i applied is really annoying. The screen looked a lot less crisp and great. Probably, the screen protector will stay on for another day, and I will just let my phone be naked lah. Just like how i torture my recently bought iPod Touch (which is now have scratch all over the back, and one major scratch on the screen)

Out of topic stuff. I really doubt the latest iPod Touch has gorilla glass… grrrrrr apple… WHY!!!

Back to the topic. Ok, i hate my screen protector, and then what else… Yea the back cover. I like the back cover very much, the touch of it just feel… Ooooooo so great. BUT!!! When you open it, its so hard to close it. Everytime I open and close the back cover, my heart beat so fast. I have a feeling that i will break one of the “leg” every time. Haiz… I heard its the same with Galaxy S2. SAMSUNG WHY?!?

Have to say, Samsung’s phone all feel very plasticy, while HTC’s phone feel solid in hand.

About the phone hardware, other than the screen is sibeh big, the hardware is just normal. Im really scare after buying this phone, bunch of quad core phones will come out, and make my phone become the lousiest phone in no time. Just like when I get my Desire Z, it uses the last generation of single core CPU, all phone after that will be dual core, clearly I’ve miss out the great things of dual core using my Desire Z.
Well, we’ll see that later in MWC (Mobile World Congress).

Clearly I’ve bought the phone for the software Ice Cream Sandwich. First comment, its beautiful. More comment on my next post lah! By then I will have more comments since i have more time with the phone already πŸ˜€

Till then



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