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最近从iTunes上download了一系列的TED Talks,(TED 2010好像正在进行中)
刚刚好昨天在去学院途中在我的iPod Classic上看到这个短片,吓到我。。。
Lennart Green does close-up card magic
今天下午,我看完了,整半个小时的短片,真的只有一个字,JAW DROPPING!!!!


下载这个短篇Right click – Save As)




See this Final Fantasy Advent Children Cosplay in MV!

If you are final fantasy advent children fans, Watch the video below!

Its a final fantasy cosplay in a korean MV and currently being sued by Square Enix for $325,000!
Anyway, before we gotta know the result, just have a look on the MV lah!
Let square enix and them fight! Hehe

The MV is “Ivy – Temptation of Sonata”
I can say they really copy 100% loh! Except the cosplayer is not as leng lui as in FF one…
Enjoy! (i dont like the song anyway)

And someone go and do a comparison video, if u wanna compare it with Final Fantasy Advent Children, here is it!

Really interesting! Hope you enjoy it!


Source: Sankaku Complex
Youtube for videos!


Guide to Spending Your Free Time “Wisely” In School

Haha, recently, going to school is like… wasting all the time only!

We are free when:
– Teacher didnt come to school
– Teacher come to school but didnt go into class (usu the reason is cos they have something damn important to do… )

Tell you some secret, sometimes the damn important thing is……. reading newspaper in the staffroom… haha!
Free period (that we have one period per day)
Wondering why the school wont let us go back home one period earlier!
– Teacher come to school and go into class but didnt teach! And some even didnt give us work to do…
Some teacher who do this quite frequently we call that kurang ajar in malay… And the note here is… if teacher didnt teach but give us work to do, for me, i also call this as FREE TIME!
School Recess Time

So, you may be thinking of activities that you can do when these free time!
Im (very) expert in this… cos… i tried almost everything that i can do…

Sleep in class

Lets see,
My Guide to Spending your Free Time “Wisely” in School

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