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DJMAX series is dead.
All DJMAX arcade online system was taken offline earlier this year.
DJMax Trilogy’s server was closed too.
No DLC release for DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE (PS Vita)
No more update for DJMAX RAY.
The only active DJMax project is DJMAX Technika Q, which is a mobile release.

This is actually quite sad as I love DJMax Technika arcade, they are never too big in Malaysia, maybe they are in Korea and Japan, but my trip to Japan last month, there are no DJMax Technika machine to be seen, all I saw was BEMANI’s arcade, and SEGA’s Maimai and other music game machines. Malaysia’s DJMax Technika was never online, never got to unlock songs, no way to gain access to the progression system, therefore no one was actively playing it.

Project 736T teaser 1

Project 736T teaser 1

Project 736T teaser 2

Project 736T teaser 2

Some of the original DJMAX developers had gather and formed Nurijoy Inc. They had been teasing Project 736T with teaser site and slogan “WE DON’T STOP THE BEATS EVOLUTION”, classic korean english.

Today we got the first look at the mystery Project 736T, and it is an arcade game!

Below are the list of artist featured in the teaser above:
Featuring musics from:
Electronic Boutique
Rinat Arinos
Takahiro Eguchi
Paul Bazooka
Sampling Masters MEGA

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Halfpipe Tokyo @ SEGA Tokyo Joypolis (Part 2)

I’ve briefly introduce you to SEGA Tokyo Joypolis, the awesome three floor indoor amusement park at Odaiba, in my last blog post. But I’ve yet to introduce you to my favourite ride, which is Halfpipe Tokyo.

So what is Halfpipe Tokyo?

Halfpipe Tokyo is the highlight ride at SEGA Tokyo Joypolis, which is the successor of Halfpipe Canyon, which is now located at Sega Republic, Dubai.
Each ride cost you 800 yen, and its totally worth getting a passport for unlimited ride.
It is a snowboard halfpipe simulator where you step on your paddle to the swing pattern to get high score. You will need to change your step at the lowest point of the halfpipe swing to get high score. The better you did, the more spins you get. Trust me, you would be thrilled and begging for more!
The gameplay mechanic described above sounds simple enough, but it is hard to master. It has a score system which will score your performance against other 3 groups of players.
This game have awesome original soundtrack too.

The whole setup is just so gorgeous. Shiny lights, giant screens, awesome songs. A MUST RIDE if you visit SEGA Tokyo Joypolis.
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O2Jam U for Android v1.23.05 – APK Download & Review

Update 1.23.05 released on 25 Sept 2012. Download Link Updated.

O2Jam U for Android

O2Jam U which I’ve talked about A LOT on the site has been released for Android.
I’ve finally got it and will be writing a short review later.

Many users cant download it from the Play Store due to regions restriction. I’ve downloaded the apk file and decided to share this. Not sure if it will work.
Please try and let me know.

Android Play Store Link
APK Download Link

BTW, I have trouble taking screenshot on my phone, i will see what I can do.



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