Busy Week

This week will be a busy week for me. So expecting less blog post (or no blog post at all…) excuse me…
So do follow my twitter cos it take 2 sec for me to tweet but at least 5 min to write a proper blog post.
As some of you all are already noticed that my last blog post is the Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-19
I did that post using Twitter Tools plugin on wordpress!
Every week (monday morning), it will be a auto generated blog post summarize all tweets i posted in last week. recently i have around 5~6 tweets per day… hehe check it out.
Do follow my twitter if u like.

OK, why so busy?
Java assignment + test
Visual basic Assignment
(probably HSSN test coming soon)
and Foss.my on the coming sat and sun (if u interested, please register now. the fee is still cheap!)

may many things to do, too too lazy to work harder (which i hate myself the most for being lazy)
Hope i can work harder on these serious stuff, no more too much facebooking, twiitering, and plantsvszombiesing…

OK, signing off. (having my VB class now)


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