BrainStuff: Japan’s Nuclear Problem

Japan’s recent earthquake & tsunami cause a lot of damage, including their nuclear power plant that make the whole world worries about it.
I read the news and all i knew that its terrible. Malaysia planned to have nuclear power plants too and had gone to a huge debate after the japan case.
I have totally no idea why and how can this happened until Marshall Brain at HowStuffWork explain everything to me. Oh by the way, its at the Brain Stuff podcast. Do subscribe. (rss or itunes)
I figure out it will be useful to you guys out there who want to know how actually does this happened and learn more about it.

Below is the embed of the audio itself, its about 10 minutes, and its worth your time.

Download MP3 File
2011-03-14-brainstuff-japan-nuclear-problem.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 3.7 MB)

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