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Hi there, it’s quite a while since my last post, sorry but im damn lazy to write a blog. You wont believe how many time i pull out my phone or sit in front of my computer, open my wordpress admin, and the post ended up in my draft section now…
Anyway, i will try to complete some of them if im free, and hopefully more post soon.

OK now into the “meat” of the post.
I cant actually remember the last time im holding a book, and read and read and read, and finish it within a short period. In fact, i cant really remember when is the last time i grabbed a book, and read it through 100++ pages of the book, and finish reading the book? Ah, i think its 6 years ago since the last time i finish reading a book.

iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Along the Way

But believe it or not, i actually finish “reading” a book (288 pages book) in less than 2 days! When you see the is a “” thing around the reading, actually i mean i finish listen to the audiobook of iWoz in less than 36 hours! (The audiobook is around 9 hours long)
This is the first time i listen a book, i never did that before. Why iWoz? Well, I get know about this book from the TWiT podcast episode 219 when they are doing the audible ads, they talk about this book. I’m a fan of Steve Wozniak, i like his type of personality, and what he did.
Without waiting for long, I downloaded the audiobook of iWoz.
Why i choose audiobook instead of reading a pdf? Well, I know i wont finish the book if i read it on my computer/phone, (maybe I will if I have a kindle or iPad), and well, i figure out since i listen to podcast everyday, why don’t try listen to audiobook?
It work perfectly for me.

Talk a little bit about audiobook before i talk about the book itself.
For those who know me well a bit, you knew i listen to podcast a lot. And the time i spent on listening daily podcasts is more than 1 hour and 30 minutes daily, from Tuesday to Saturday (since this is the time i will get the daily Monday to Friday podcasts). Same reason as why i listen to podcast that much, is because i kinda travel a lot, a bit part of my day spent on bus, train, walking to the next destination (my next class probably), or even waiting for bus/taxi/train
By listening to audiobook, i can listen when im walking, doing my laundry, or doing something that probably dont need to use my brain a lot. I’m sure you can walk and read at the same time.
Thats how i finish the book, or the 9 hours audiobook in a day and a half.
Im sure im gonna listen to a lot more books in the future than the amount i read.

OK iWoz, a very very interesting book, if you are into tech, engineering, autobiography, and even prank etc. Haha. iWoz is the autobiography of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, and created the first Personal Computer!! I know a little bit about it, from what i read online, and i liked him a lot. And after finish reading the book, i like him even more. In the book, he talk about his father, his engineering stuff, and how he play prank on others, cleverly, how he do all those awesome things like Dial-A-Joke, phone freaking, the Apple I and II, concert and more.
He did a lot of cool stuff till now, and he still play prank on others (the most recent one that i knew is on Engadget Show)
By listening to the book, not only i know more about Woz, but also about the history of computer, and how the industry of the computer looked like long before im born. If you are interesting in all those things, definitely go read this book, or listen to the audiobook if listening is your thing.

If one day i see this book in the bookstore, i will definitely buy it.
Well, i think the next book i will listen to is Tim Wu‘s new book, The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires. The guy is very passionate about Net Neutrality, and i want to know how he think about the internet today. Actually i wanted to listen to his earlier book, Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World, but unfortunately i cannot find the audiobook of it. I know it’s on audible, but, i havent have the money to buy the audiobook. Maybe one day i will.

If you like to read, and do read a lot of books, let me know what book should i read next. Regardless is it fiction or non fiction like iWoz, let me know!



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