Birthday Live Update!

Yo! Today is MERDEKA DAY! But, its not that big thing to celebrate! The big thing to celebrate is, MY BIRTHDAY!

So, we got something special from

noticed that?

And here is some live update for those who wishes me and their ranking! LOL
From 11.59pm 30/08/09, i get a call from Timothy Chin aka Lala aka CBoy!
So terharu that he countdown with me! Then he be the 1st to wish me Happy Birthday!
And he do so when he is at KL Dataran Merdeka when countdown time i think… WOW! And tomorrow he is going to sing on the TV for me! Wakaka

And… more story on next post!
This is the “ranking”
Anyway, i wont say that you are the 1st you are the one who loves me the most, or you are the last you dont care about me. I dont mean that. Anyway, just for the point of interest! LOL
And thanks for all your wishes!

1. Timothy Chin aka Lala aka CBoy via Call
2. Wei Teng via MSN (WLM)
3. Lien Chen via Call =.=
4. Jie Hui via SMS
5. Chui Mun via SMS (Thanks for the wishes. andre also didnt do so… yet…)
6. Ket Onn via Facebook
7. Xiao En via Faebook
8. Shasha via SMS
9. Peh Han via SMS
10. Naresh via Facebook (Another one, where is kisho’s wishes? I didnt recieve it yet…)
11. Chin Lek via Facebook
12. Yu Xuan via Call
13. Yeak Kee via SMS
14. 慧婷 via SMS (An sms long long way from sabah)
15. Hoh Yean via SMS (Long time no c)
16. 启杰 via SMS (My coursemate + housemate)
17. Julio Lau Chuin Yiak aka BBoy via Facebook
18. Yuh Choon via MSN
19. Leonard Ting via Facebook
20. Kar Lock via MSN
21. Ravindran via Facebook Chat
22. Azraaaaaaai via Facebook
23. Jac via Facebook
24. Shukor via Facebook (I get my this year’s best wishes from him! Share later!)
25. Mei Hwei via SMS
26. Pui San via SMS (Finally)
27. Hau Yee via Facebook
28. Felix Cat via Facebook
29. Kuhaneswari via Facebook (Long time no see leh!)
30. Monica Lok via Facebook
31. Dennis Tan via Facebook
32. Shawn Tan via SMS
33. Helen Kok via Facebook
34. Kisho via MSN
35. Qwertyuiop Zxcvbnm via Facebook (What kind of name is this!!!???)
36. 沛欣 via SMS
37. Jing Khai via Facebook
38. Rico Loo Kok Hong via Facebook
39. Andre via SMS
40. Cristy Ng via MSN
41. Ivy Mong via MSN
42. Jimmy Low via Facebook
43. Sereen Tang via Facebook
44. Seng Hong via SMS
45. Shan Pei via MSN
46. Jane via Facebook
47. Annie Chan via Facebook
48. Michelle Marie Yap via Facebook
49. She Ego via MSN
50. Kenneth Wong Chen Fei via Facebook
51. Jo Doank via Facebook (APIITians!)

got two guys wishes too early, (Half an hour early) So they are not in the list, but their wishes is noted! LOL
Sxabai Hang (Genting crew) via Facebook
Xin Voon via my blog’s comment

and siew haw and pui san called me 2 hours before my birthday and wishes me, but im still waiting they wish me on that day… LOL

And i doubt i will have celebration this year cos nobody is at bentong! Anyway, i’ll enjoy my holiday! Wakaka

and till now no one wish me via twitter… =.=

I still very sleepy…
Lets guess how many wishes will i able to collect?
More than 60 or not?

Last update: 9:52AM 01/09/09

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  1. weiteng August 31, 2009 at 12:49 am #

    wat’s WLM?

    • joshuatly August 31, 2009 at 9:49 am #

      known as windows live messenger!

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