Big News… Small News.. Tech News… Interesting News…

Haha, not so many news lah.
Just to share two interesting tech news here.

Nuffnang Turns Two~!
Happy birthday to you… 
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to Nuffnang… 
Happy birthday to you!!!!! 

Wow~ So make a wish nuffnang…..

Probably our boss want to make more and more MONEY….

(read their official post)

So since nuffnang is getting establish  and growing super fast, i hope nuffnang will getting better in the ways below:

  • Let blogger earn MORE!~ Of cos! Boss Tim and Ming want money, blogger also want money! So share out more money with us… Haha
  • LOADING Problem NEED to be solved. So nuffnang, its time you get your own company a server, in some reliable data center. No more renting hosting service from some sucks company!
  • More contest, More activity! More blogger, More fun!~
  • Make your advertising scheme cheaper lah… I had asked from them before, if you are a small company, im very sure you are NOT afforable for internet advertising @ nuffnang. So revice your plan, give some space to small company by lowering the advertising price…
  • And… No more… Haha…
  • Ah, before i forget, The party, you promised… im very looking forward to it… I dont want to miss the party again! 

Till now except the loading time, im very happy with nuffnang. 
Happy Birthday!

2nd news
PSP 2 Coming out? Ya 

So, its confirm that PSP 2 is coming out very soon.
Few months ago, PSP3000 had came out and till now havent got any perfect hack method.
In the market, the hackable PSP is getting less and less…
Till a situation is ALL of the NEW PSP are un-hackable…

So, is PSP2 a GooD News to all?
Yeah Maybe!
Lets look on the features that available on PSP 2!

  • a widescreen multi-touch interface (Wow COOL~ I can forget about IPhone!)
  • dual thumbsticks  (I like it~)
  • No more UMD (Bye bye UMD, all games are downloaded from the internet) 
  • hardware improvement (of cos lah, if not i better play PS1… xD)

Cool right!
But i still love the most my pink PSP 2000…
Cos it can play those *ahem* games…

P/S; Before i end this post, do you guys watched Destroyed In Seconds by Discovery Channel?

I just downloaded the show… Wow Impressing!
And interesting!
Check it out. You tube got some clips!


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  1. Jian aka miao February 27, 2009 at 9:56 pm #

    omg touchscreen!!!!!

    it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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