BIG Day BIG Event (Part 1)

Big day Big event Part 1



08.08.08 at 08:08!


Today is a special day. WHY?
Coz today is the only day which you will have so many 8888888888888 together!
PLUS some special events after waiting for so long!
So, lets see:

080808 Event (1):
Of cos, the most important event on 080808 will be…


Wow, recently read and listen to a lot of news about this Olympics games, and everyday, we ourself, newspaper, media and bloggers are counting down to this event!
And still a few hours to the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games!

You really cant miss it! So stay tuned on your TV on 8:08pm tonight!
Im sure the three hours event will impress us!

Well, in this olympic period, i had already taken a special permit from school, to allow me to ponteng from August 9 to August 24
Haha, so that i can fly to beijing and witness those events with my own eyes…
Maybe you will ask how will i manage to do so.
Its easy! You want to try, or want to do so?
I think you still have time to do so and… still have a chance!
Please act fast after you had read the steps below(Carefully):

Firstly, Go to school, find some friends to become your vitnesses on what you are going to do next.
Secondly, lets walk together to the principal’s room… Invite the principal to come out and say, you need to show him/her some magic!
Then, (everything you should prepared earlier) Take out something, and hit his/her car! Hit the front glasses part…
So, you will be able to kicked out to school, then you will be able to enjoy your olympic games!

Note: You may want to apply the same to your boss, if you are working!
NOTE NOTE: Try at your own risk! wont be responsible if you follow and done what i had say above!

Haha, dare to try?

So in this period of time, i will spend most of my time sticking my eyes on the computer screen or TV screen to watch olympic events! For your information, you will be able to stream online to view all events from this website:

It is claim to be working. Although i havent try it…
Maybe i will give a try when opening ceremony time!

Then i will also try my best to download the TVRip version of Opening and Closing ceremony of this big event! Then if you found any website provided quality TVRip, please inform me! Haha

080808 Event (2):
Yu Xuan’s Birthday!

Haha, Yu xuan, surprise leh!
And now i will give you a gift that you wont able to get the same thing from other person except me…
You dont even manage to buy it…
And also this is the 1st time i give this kind of gift to friends, or families! You are the 1st one you know! My dear 表妹! Haha

Khm… Khm…

I know you are very 心急 want to know what is it…
This gift should be delivered by 080808 08:08am
But im sure you wont able to view and open it at that time…
So… this gift is ready for you at any time and hopefully until the day you die, you still able to see this!

To: Yu Xuan

From: 表哥 joshuatly

Did you discover something?
Khm… if you discover anything, please leave a comment!
Although is a simple gift and didnt worth a cents, but i think you will happy right!
You know, i also spend a lot of effort on making all these… But i still deserve something better, but just no time for me to think of one which is better…

Happy B'day Xuan

And i think im the first and only one who wish you happy birthday with this method! Haha
And again, Happy Birthday Yu Xuan!

080808 Event (3):

Today 080808, i think many couples will going to reister their marriage or 摆酒 (having kenduri)
Esp for chinese, 8 is a good word… 发发发!
Then i got a suggestion, a couple go and register at 080808, and have their kenduri at 090909
Then will be more meaningful!
Is it?

Others on 080808:

What will you do on 080808?
Something special?

I will pray for the peace of the world, and esp for china, hope the olympic game will start and end at a peaceful situation, i dont want to listen to news that about terrorist, and any 天灾人祸 anymore!

Coming soon on ??0808, BIG day BIG event Part 2…

Guess what?

Can guess what and when its on?


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  1. mr.tlchen August 8, 2008 at 5:26 pm #

    Yu xuan,
    Happy B’day…..

    u………….so “geng”

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