Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

I just wanted to wrote about Project Alpha and the instant cash blogging came! Haha
So why not write about it!?!

And there project alpha season 2.
What i enjoy the most are the KY and ShaolinTiger part.

They go to the Lost world of Tambun which is a place i wanted to go the most!
And the feeling want to go there doubled after watching all those episodes!
KY and shaolin are so funny!
Cheesie is so cute.

And one more thing, im amazed about what ninie can do. I wow a lot while watching those few episodes!

Then niki is a very nice guy. Before that i didnt know him much, i didnt read his blog, article, and twitter etc, but after those episodes, i discover he is a very genuine guy and very friendly. I even go to YOUTH’10 to hear his talk! Its interesting overall.

Azwan Ali and Joe Lee are two blogger that i didnt know at all, but they both impress me with what they can do, both very tellented and Azwan always have that confident in himself, which is what im always searching for!

These bloggers taught me a lot of things lah. Oh and i forget xiaxue already! Which is the blogger i used to follow. Xiaxue is very unique, and thats why she is so hot. The interview is super interesting and i knew more about her from there!

Project alpha season 2 is as nice as season 1. I hope season 3 will be the same or even became better!

But one thing season 2 did better is the advertising part, i think is because they get more money to do advertising things, all over astro and hits fm…. Haha
Of cos also more contest for us blogger, Instant cash blogging is the good one, and the ruumz contest which i win already, and hope to win the big prize~! Haha. Hope P1 will really be better!

Love project alpha so much.
Cant wait for season 3. and i had been complain 50 episodes are too less. should make it 100 episodes! We want to know more about each blogger!

Watch the last few episodes of projectalpha here:


Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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