Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Before Project Alpha season 2 start…..

Still remember last year, about 5 months ago, i was over hyped with Project Alpha – the show that let us had a peak of what a famous blogger life is like!
(As you know i like reality show very much… XD)
The show is airing one episode per day…
I was like staying whole day in front of my computer,
on my browser,
staring youtube, (Channel url)
pressing the F5 button with rate of 15 clicks per minute
keep on refreshing until the new episode to come out…

I remember saying that WHY ONE DAY PER EPISODE?

FourfeetnineNicolekissRedmummyKennysiaBeautifulnaraBudiey and Sixthseal are on the show, giving blogging tips. and let us have a look at how is famous blogger’s life is like, understand them more, showing their leng chai/pretty face, act cute showing their cuteness, how silly they are, etc
WOW. if you missed that, you still got time to catch up NOW before the season 2 air!
All videos are on

For me, why i love project alpha so much, is because usu we got to see them blog about their life. and most of them are words, pictures, thats all. Rarely got bloggers constantly doing vlog or podcasts etc. So so rarely we got chance to see them “moving around” and “making sounds” in front of my computer screen.
Project Alpha had made this happened! Im so glad (as u already know im more into audio and video than plain text… haha)
And having beautiful Jojo Struys as the host, asking some really useful + funny questions, revealing the other side of bloggers….
its so fun!

Other than that, what things else thats fun?
Seeing Audrey doing gym LMAO! (and also Boss Tim with her all the time)
Huaibin Sixthseal is so cool
Beautifulnara VS Budiey and only i know Beautifulnara is a man….. not a 38 gal
Nicole showing her travelling pics and experience
Redmummy showing off his house, everything in RED OMG!!!!!
and also kenny sia forgot he need to catch his flight XD

Season 1 is so funny, and i know season 2 is gotta be better!

This time CheesieKYNiki CheongNinie Ahmad,Azwan AliShaolintiger and Klubbkidd are going to be interviewed.  Xiaxue will be in there too! CANT WAIT!

Starting from 19th April 2010, for 7 weeks, Season 2 will be Airing!!!
Im sure I wont miss it. im sure YOU gotta do the same!

projectalpha season 2

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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